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Plus, it’s actually quite hard to over-eat unprocessed grains because they’re so darn fibrous and filling! “As a long time vegan, animal rights activist and co-producer of the groundbreaking documentary Earthlings, she was ecstatic about the popularity of veganism as a social justice movement over the last decade,” says Kothamangalam.

“One of the things that is missing from political discourse, from policy, from government, is the fact that the leading cause of carbon emissions in the world is animal agriculture and no one is talking about it. Beyond her regular workouts, Maggie’s committed to a vegan diet for years.

For example, she stays away from all dairy, cheese, and eggs. Healthy carbs also provide important fuel—and no one knows this more than Maggie Q. It one of the reasons Maggie Q and Dr. de Mello created ActivatedYou. Maggie went to all sorts of medical professionals, but they knew nothing about nutrition. When asked what makes her feel energized, Maggie pinpointed one food.

(For me, anyway. Maggie is also known to whip up an acai bowl or two. She swims, does yoga, bikes, and runs. You can’t judge people.

ActivatedYou will be built to help all kinds of people achieve their health and fitness goals – even if you’re simply looking for action star abs. (There are so many healthy comfort foods out there!) VegNews: What’s your vegan story?Maggie Q: I transitioned to a plant-based diet about 19 years ago while living in Hong Kong. Doing her own kick-ass stunts (yep, Maggie does all of her own action scenes in Nikita, the Divergent films, Designated Survivor, and more) and building businesses (like ActivatedYou and Qeep Up) mean Maggie needs some serious fuel. ), has great advice on how to feel fulfilled while still eating healthy: “The way to feel more fulfilled when including more veggies in your diet is to eat a ‘heavy’ grain with them!” the 40-year-old explains on the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine site. Here's Why You'll Want To Try It, I'm A Wheat-Free, Nightshade-Free Vegan. Don’t forget to mix in flax seeds, seaweed, or liquid aminos! I also work with an African nonprofit called Kageno that allows for eco-tourism opportunities in rural areas of Kenya that threaten the wild forests that border their towns. Yes, that’s how often I ate.

Wheatgrass, turmeric, ginger, and lemon shot. Oh-kaaay,” she wrote on Instagram. “One thing that rarely varies is my morning,” she told Veg News. THANK YOU to everyone who called the Legislature to support The Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act!!! We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences. Especially when bad bacteria has started to take over. ),” she wrote on the Qeep UPdate blog. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. I use ActivatedYou, which is a supplement brand I … It has custom cabinetry, stone counters, and top of-the-line appliances. Not only does the, Photo: Vernieman via Flicrk, Maggie Q via, To submit this form, you need to accept our, Crispy Fried Bananas (GF Vegan, Ayurvedic), Vegan Taiwanese "Beef" Noodle Soup with Braised Tofu and Veggies, GF Vegan Cinnamon Apple & Pear Bread (Vintage-Inspired), Are Organic Fruits And Conventional Veggies The Best For The Planet? Frustrated and at the end of her rope, she finally came across The Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine.

Specifically, Q has to work a little bit harder to get the right amounts of protein, iron, and vitamin B12. Kitchari is an Ayurvedic dish made of rice, mungbeans, and spices. The beginning was very hard because, culturally, Vietnamese food isn’t vegetarian. “I’ve raised my metabolism by being an active person, so I need more food than most people. I do the most work for animals with WildAid, PETA, Animals Asia, Best Friends Animal Society, and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

So, when bad bacteria move in, you’ve got to take action. I told my mom if she wanted me to still eat our food, we needed to invent a vegan version together.

Jill has spent more than a decade immersed in digital publishing and storytelling with a focus on the global food system and how it intersects with our cultural traditions, ethics, health, and politics. Take the vegan vacation of a lifetime with VegNews! If you can create awareness and a fiscal opportunity elsewhere, the animals and the environment can be left alone. As if that doesn’t keep her busy, she has also recently launched conscious activewear line Qeep Up Nation, which donates a portion of its Ocean Tie Dye collection to the Blue Sphere Foundation to help protect our marine ecosystems.

Here’s the down-low on what her day-to-day diet looks like. We helped many people by giving our services. Not only that, but Dr. de Mello was also able to introduce Maggie to the importance of probiotics. You look healthy – you feel great. Maggie loves doughnuts so much, she’d eat them all day every day. It’s what I do…. Rather than post pictures of red carpets and workout selfies, Q (real name: Margaret Quigley) uses her Instagram account to advocate for animal-based nonprofit organizations. I wasn’t looking at it from the right perspective. Maggie is also outspoken about the way she chooses to eat (which is plant-based, btw). “I have two sisters who don’t eat meat and one who is transitioning slowly,” she told Veg News. Here's How To Heal Your Symptoms, This Type Of Sugar Increases Your Risk Of Alzheimer's, According To New Study, Netflix Series (Un)well Exposes The Dark Side Of "Holistic." We are always available to help people in their difficult time. This is the real issue that is driving climate change.”. Put your veggies on top of something like that, and tell me you’re not full!”. Maggie has talked about how it’s difficult to find plant-based food while filming on a set.

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