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Undoubtedly the royal family were "frightened and ashamed of John's illness",[4] and his life is "usually portrayed either as tragedy or conspiracy". One stormy night, John sat silently seething in his throne, ignoring the mountains of gold that now surrounded him, until Sir Hiss attempted to cheer him up by informing him of Friar Tuck's arrest. Beautiful, lovely taxes! Technically, Sir Hiss didn't wear shoes either, but this was because he was a snake, and therefore couldn't wear shoes. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Voice actor [18], Mary later wrote to Emily Alcock, an old friend, that, for [John] it is a great relief, as his malady was becoming worse as he grew older, & he has thus been spared much suffering.

Prince John of the United Kingdom (John Charles Francis; 12 July 1905 – 18 January 1919) was the fifth son and youngest of the six children of King George V and Queen Mary. [18] "[26] Queen Alexandra wrote to Queen Mary that "now [their] two darling Johnnies lie side by side". '"[10] His illness was disclosed to the wider public only after his death. Although falling for Little John's disguise, the prince expected Robin to be in disguise, and took note of the stork's superior archery skills. When he found Sir Hiss inside an ale barrel (having been forced in there by Friar Tuck to prevent the latter from exposing Robin Hood's true identity), due to his anger at being humiliated as well as Sir Hiss supplying information about the stork's true identity that he by that point already knew, vented his rage by tying him to a knot on a pole and daring him to get himself out of it. [11] Mattie died in 2002. John gave chase, but fell out of his carriage (Little John made off with the golden hubcaps on the wheels). [11], On 20 January, the Daily Mirror said that "when the Prince passed away his face bore an angelic smile";[21] its report also made the first public mention of Prince John's epilepsy.

[25], Though nominally private, the funeral was attended by Sandringham House staff; "every single person on the estate went and stood around the gates and his grave was absolutely covered in flowers.
Aiding John in his efforts was the cruel Sheriff of Nottingham, who had no shame in robbing the people on behalf of the prince. Unfortunately, Sir Hiss awoke to find Robin escaping, and the prince also woke up to the scene. He was the youngest child and fifth son of George, Prince of Wales and Mary, Princess of Wales (née Mary of Teck). Upon arriving in Nottingham, Prince John decreed a series of harsh taxes on the villagers, driving them out of their homes and leaving them starving. He also has a very bad habit of sucking his thumb intensely at the most inappropriate times, making him appear childish and immat… Contrary to the belief that he was hidden from the public from an early age, Prince John for most of his life had the role of a fully-fledged member of the family, appearing frequently in public until after his eleventh birthday, when his condition became severe. Prince John was born at York Cottage on the Sandringham Estate on 12 July 1905, at 3:05 am.

He was a binge eater and alcoholic and like his Disney counterpart, had a savage temper. [4] During his journey to Nottingham, Prince John ran across 2 fortune tellers (actually Robin Hood and Little John in clever disguises) and eagerly accepted their offer to tell him his fortunes (despite Sir Hiss warning him of the possible danger).

"ENOUGH!" He is usually seen with Sir Hiss. Prince John also played with his elder siblings when they visited: once, when his two eldest brothers came to visit, the Prince of Wales "took him for a run in a kind of a push-cart, and they both disappeared from view."[20].

He is an anthropomorphic lion who is a coward and a crybaby, who after his brother King Richard is tricked into going on a crusade, he assumes the crown and becomes somewhat an oppressive dictator, … Furthermore, Prince John's apparent seclusion would have enabled him to be himself and explore his own niches away from royal life. John began whining like a child again when he realized he had lost again. ", (after hearing the people cry out "Long Live King Richard!") Prince John is the only Robin Hood villain to wear sandals, the other two characters being his brother and Friar Tuck who are heroes. Meanwhile, John was sentenced to jail along with Sir Hiss and the Sheriff of Nottingham, and now spends his days working in the royal rock pile. The people viewed Robin Hood as a hero, so he was never turned in for his crimes against the prince. "[11] Because he was his father's favored son, he became Prince Regent and assumed control over England while his brother Richard was away fighting in the Holy Lands. However, records show that he was in some ways given favourable treatment by his parents, in comparison with his siblings. Unfortunately for John, Robin swam underwater back to the shore, uninjured and mocking the foolish prince. Queen Mary broke from royal practice by having local children brought in to be playmates for Prince John. ", "Robin Hood? John labeled Robin a traitor to the crown, but was openly insulted by Robin, who shouted, "Long Live King Richard!" Now they became close, taking nature walks together and working in Queen Alexandra's garden. ", (takes his sword) "And now, I name you the winner. Antagonists Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Mattie and John divorced when Prince when Prince was 10-years-old. His godparents were King Carlos I of Portugal (for whom Prince John's father stood proxy), the Duke of Sparta (his first cousin once removed), Prince Carl of Denmark (his uncle, for whom Prince John's father also stood proxy), Prince Johann of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (his great-great-uncle, for whom Prince John's father also stood proxy), Alexander Duff, 1st Duke of Fife (his uncle, for whom Prince John's father also stood proxy), the Duchess of Sparta (his first cousin once removed, for whom Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom stood proxy), and Princess Alexander of Teck (his first cousin once removed, for whom Princess Victoria also stood proxy). Surrounded by a very large army of henchmen, he easily robs the people of England of all they have, causing misery and despair among the population. He has speaking roles in the episodes "House of Crime" and "Pete's House of Villains". Robin Hood added further insult to the injury by making off with John's royal robe, leaving him in nothing but long underwear (so that he couldn't do anything to deter Robin Hood and Little John). One of these was Winifred Thomas, a young girl from Halifax who had been sent to live with her aunt and uncle (who had charge of the royal stables at Sandringham) in hopes her asthma would improve. ", (when insulted by both Robin Hood and Skippy) "Oh, no.

Following Mattie’s divorce from John, she married Hayward Baker, with whom she had one son named Omarr. Richard immediately reclaimed his throne from his brother and repealed all of the unjust taxes John had imposed on the people, allowing Nottingham to return to happiness and prosperity. In the days that followed, John was further insulted to learn that the villagers were mocking him with the song "Prince John, Phony King of England". Upon arriving in Nottingham, Prince John decreed a series of harsh taxes on the villagers, driving them out of their homes and leaving them starving.

In Prince John's early design, Milt Kahl considered making the villain a tiger. The town was driven into poverty and everybody was losing hope. In the "Disney's Magic Reading" series, Prince John's design was utilized to represent the titular Emperor in the story. When Robin won the tournament as John had planned, after recognizing him when shaking his hand, he unmasked his enemy in front of the crowd and had him arrested and sentenced to "immediate death." Unfortunately for John, Robin swam underwater back to the shore, uninjured and mocking the foolish prince. [21], Queen Mary wrote in her diary that the news was, a great shock, tho' for the poor little boy's restless soul, death came as a great relief. He is the younger brother of King Richard, from whom John usurped the throne of England with the aid of his assistant, Sir Hiss. Though he maintained an interest in the world around him and was capable of coherent thought and expression,[17] POWER! I like that. [11], Though a "large and handsome" baby,[12] by his fourth birthday Prince John had become "winsome" and "painfully slow". Kill him! After tricking King Richard into partaking in a crusade beyond England, Prince John becomes the acting monarch of England and quickly asserts his authority over the kingdom. In recent years, Prince John's seclusion has been brought forward as evidence of the "heartlessness" of the Windsor family. Eventually, King Richard returned home and found out about the terrible deeds Prince John had inflicted on the people of England. He also has a very bad habit of sucking his thumb intensely at the most inappropriate times, making him appear childish and immature but also making him a tragic character because of his immaturity and cowardice. The real life Prince John/King John I/John Plantagenet was in fact a highly capable and intelligent monarch who signed the Magna Carta. He is greedy and loves money more than anything else in the world, and continually finds ways to rob and swindle his people in the pursuit of wealth. He was named John despite that name's unlucky associations for the royal family, but was informally known as "Johnnie". When Sir Hiss tried to criticize him, and mentioned that John's actions had destroyed his mother's castle, John flew into a violent rage and chased Sir Hiss around the castle with a wooden stick, all the while sucking his thumb. Biographer Denis Judd believes that Prince "[John]'s seclusion and 'abnormality' must have been disturbing to his brothers and sister", as he had been "a friendly, outgoing little boy, much loved by his brothers and sister, a sort of mascot for the family". [4], The Lost Prince, a biographical drama about Prince John's life written and directed by Stephen Poliakoff, was released in 2003. Prince John slowly disappeared from the public eye and no official portraits of him were commissioned after 1913.

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