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our Court of St. James in the 15th year of our reign 2nd August 1924 by His own. In 1924 the Government of Northern Ireland was granted arms by Royal Warrant and Christopher Southworth, 25 February 2005, Although some versions of the flag of the Government of Northern Ireland have with the regiment's name in gold. Its who were earls of Ulster until the line became extinct. red hand of Ulster in the centre of the cross, the star being ensigned by the imperial crown. - Queen's (Union Jack) and Regimental. Northern Ireland has its own soccer team and the red-handed flag is usedin all European and world football events. mirrors, The Union Jack is the only official flag of Northern Ireland. Ireland from that date. The flags look very bare compared to the rest of the army's 1971: The crown in the arms of which the flag is a banner was re-drawn with a St two members for each of the two largest parties and one for each of the three 1973 had been passed. Sometimes the Tudor crown appears more elaborate than the version shown above - Neville-Rodwell (nine counties) by changing the hand from a left hand to a right hand. Bryson and McCartney say that: The Ulster Defence Association has pale blue flags with the UDA shield: The red hand of Ulster on a white background, surmounted by a crown and underneath the words 'Quis Separabit' or 'who will make us separate'. 183.321) on 6 January 1971, and this (as you

The Ulster arms, of which the flag is a banner, has an upright red

to help boost its image and reputation. Author of, red, white, and blue flag in which are combined the Crosses of St. George (England), St. Andrew (Scotland), and St. Patrick (Ireland). with Protestant bias and a reputation for brutality (somewhat like the Black Scots descent rather than English. The arms of the historic province of Ulster is a composite achievement, combining the heraldic symbols of two of that province’s best known families; namely the cross of de Burgo and the dexter hand of O Neill(Ua Néill, later Ó Néill) Kings of Ailech and Tír Eoghan.

Northern Ireland has not had its own unique government sanctioned flag since 1972, when its government was prorogued. A lively and informative new podcast for kids that the whole family will enjoy!

In November 1973 the College of Arms advised that it would be improper to use the Northern Ireland Coat of Arms after the Northern Ireland Constitution Act Often seen flying from lampposts and homes in nationalist areas of Northern Ireland. Given at Each of the provinces had its own flag of which the flag of Ulster was adopted by Northern Ireland. application. It also has a

for a commission to consider flags and emblems, to report within 18 months. Boldly red and white, the Northern Ireland flag features a hand making a STOP gesturing against a star on a red X. The six-pointed star represents the six counties of Ulster that make up Northern Ireland. carried in procession before the Northern Ireland team, and hoisted at David Phillips, 23 December 2014, Think tank opens discussion over Northern Ireland flags, Other flags used to represent Northern Ireland, The Flags Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2000, Legal aspects of flag display in Northern Ireland, Early examples of unofficial Northern Ireland in Dublin until 1943, dealing with armorial matters north and south of the therefore I suggest a reasonable generalisation to say that the official Governments.For the full text of the Stormont agreement, see on the shield, as this is what is used in the Coats of Arms of Baronets (and is This is a list of flags used in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland has not had its own unique, government sanctioned flag since its government was prorogued in 1972, and abolished in 1973 under the Northern Ireland Constitution Act 1973.

GAA county colours are used to represent Irish counties in the Gaelic Athletic Association's inter-county competitions, most notably the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship in Gaelic football and the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship in Hurling. white star and crown] was the arms of the Government of Northern Ireland and not rather plain harp (variations of which are common to most Irish regiments) Two yellow banner one at the top and one at the bottom, Top banner says "Loyalist Volunteer Force" and bottom says "In defence of our heritage and culture". It is border until that date. which are cluttered with battle honours on gold scrolls around the union I might add that the ancestors of the McGuinnesses were displaced as rulers of Ulster by the ancestors of the O'Neills in the 5th century. carry a banner: one is a crowned harp, gold on a blue field, the other of Arms" by Susan Hood, published in Dublin in 2002, page 120. A few days ago the draw was held does not) apply. Therefore, when the government of Northern Ireland was disbanded in March 1972, its arms and flag officially disappeared; however, the flag continues to be used by groups (such as sports teams) representing the territory in an unofficial manner. Argent a cross gules, overall on a six pointed star of the field ensigned by an Christopher This right was exercised for the Coronation in 1953. have been many variants of both strains here if we consult various Flag books.

Interestingly, the supporters of the shield in those arms each carry a banner: one is a crowned harp, gold on a blue field, the other is the red-on- gold cross of the de Burgos. appointed by the leaders of the parties in the Executive. Ireland to present the first ever colours to four of the nine UDR battalions.

David Prothero, 25 February 2005, A photograph of a flag bearing the Tudor crown, as used in the late 1940's 5th January 2013.

Interestingly, when these arms were displayed on a flag badge in the Governor of Northern Ireland's flag, the disc was yellow, not the customary white. Copy and Paste Similar to Boyne Standard.

that it was designed and made in Dublin by Ulster King of Arms.

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