olivia octavius

Also, if the creators tell us the characters are merely robots, automatons, or androids, we take their word for it. Bela | Ultimate Avengers 1 & 2: Herr Kleiser | Chitauri Your Daily Science Fiction, Fantasy & Entertainment Fix. Constrictor |

Nekra | Evil-doer That night, Kingpin hosts a gala ostensibly in honor of the fallen Spider-Man, even inviting his widow Mary Jane Watson to the affair, but in reality, only uses it as a distraction while his scientists finish rebuilding and reactivate the super-collider to summon an alternate version of Kingpin's family. Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage: Carnage | Shriek | Doppelganger | Demogoblin | Carrion Grey Goblin | Before we wrap our coverage of 2018, it’s time for the sixth annual round of new honorees for the borg Hall of Fame. Red Ghost | Basilisk | This was likely done to preserve the twist of her being Doctor Octopus. Red Skull | Olivia Octavius was voiced by Kathryn Hahn, who also voiced another animated villain. Characters: doc cock. Thomas McGregor | Zeta, Live-Action Movies She is an evil scientist working for the Kingpin. Are we closing in on admitting individuals solely based on a breathing apparatus that may allow them to breathe to in non-native atmospheres?

Frightful Four | Burglar | Arcade | Green Pigs | Goliath | And if you don’t know, G’s are g-forces, which is basically “how much times the Earth’s gravity is this acceleration.” Trained humans, like pilots, can wear suits and flex muscles to let them withstand about 9 g’s, but the rest of us puny humans can withstand about 5 g’s (not comfortably, but you’d manage it). She built the Collider, in order to help her boss find alternate versions of his deceased family. Alistair Smythe | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Menace | You can always check out the updated borg Hall of Fame on our home page under “Know your borg.”. Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme: Dormammu | Baron Mordo

Among its many incredible features was the ingenious creation of Olivia "Liv" Octavius (Kathryn Hahn). Scream | Sentinels | Sinister Six |

Doctor Octopus battles Miles, Spider-Man, and Spider-Woman but the Super Collider's effects of pulling things in causes a truck to run over Doctor Octopus away, to the Spider-heroes' horror. Dark Avengers | Scorcher | As the duo attempted to escape, Doc Ock pursues them until catching the computer but was attacked by Gwen Stacy another spider hero with the name Spider-Woman. Firelord | Sandman |

This version of Doctor Octopus's tentacles are soft robots, rubber machines that are moved and used to grip things by pumping air into them, while the other versions of Doctor Octopus's tentacles are metallic.

Commander Data throughout the TV series), and not cyborgs (going back to Michael Crichton’s original story), so we continue this year to hold off on their admittance unless something changes, like the incorporation of living biological (blood, cells, etc.) Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Mandarin | Boomerang | Toxin | Thaddeus and Rufus |

She overworks herself, and you're there to convince her to take a breather.---Just a short drabble. Ramrod | Killer Shrike | We’d love a reason for a Mandalorian to make the cut, like Boba Fett, or Jango Fett, since nobody has more intriguing armor. Jonas Harrow | Riot | Justin Hammer | Hand | Liv’s jump speed is limited by the fact that humans are squishy and don’t accelerate very solidly. You do realize a jump from standstill to 90 mph means 0-90 mph in less than a second, right? Will-O'-The-Wisp | He’s still so… small. Fastest acceleration a non-trained human could likely withstand is indeed about 5 g’s before all sorts of weird stuff starts happening - most notably, you pass out because there’s very little blood going to your head. Prowler | Inheritors | The Prowler | His father Torbert Octavius, a factory worker, was abusive and violent towards both Otto and his mother Mary Lavinia Octavius. Kingpin begins to pressure Olivia into finishing the super-collider, while, at the same time, Miles and Spider-Man begin to take the information they need. An older, more disheveled version of Spider-Man from an alternate universe is summoned due to Spider-Man's DNA coming in contact with the Super-Collider as a result of being recklessly shoved in by Green Goblin, and he and Miles decide to team up to stop the super-collider and return the former to his universe. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Dormammu | Going to Alchemax to create a new version of the USB drive (which had previously broken), Spider-Man leaves Miles behind while he infiltrates the building, however, Miles decides to come along upon seeing Kingpin and Tombstone enter the building. The liv army is strong, *adds a to the end of a slightly panicked sentence*, the reactor core is above nominal temperature .

Absorbing Man | Shes got the energy. Living Brain | Spider-Man: The Animated Series NYC Again, integration is key. Olivia "Liv" Octavius is the head scientist at Alchemax. Mysterio | I may have posted it on Tumblr a while ago, but I reworked it a bit for here. Scarecrow |

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