pakistan population by religion

In addition to the two main groups there is a very small sect called the Aḥmadiyyah, which is also sometimes called the Qadiani (for Qadian, India, where the sect originated). Parsis have entered Pakistani public life as social workers, business folk, journalists and diplomats. The vast majority remained there until the civil war of 1971 (which led to the creation of Bangladesh) compelled them to seek refuge in India. When the state initiated a full-fledged crackdown on atheism since 2017, it has become worse with secular bloggers being kidnapped and the government running advertisements urging people to identify blasphemers among them and the highest judges declaring such people to be terrorists.[74]. There are a few disused synagogues in both cities; while one Karachi synagogue was torn down for the construction of a shopping mall. Karachi had the most prominent population of Parsis in Pakistan. There are also significant numbers of Shīʿite Muslims. Anyone who leads prayers in mosques may be appointed imam. Many Buddhist empires and city states existed, notably in Gandhara but also elsewhere in Taxila, Punjab and Sindh. [8][9][10][11] Nearly all Pakistani Sunni Muslims belong to the Hanafi Islamic law school. [43], Before the Mughal Empire and Delhi Sultanate, around 90% of the population was Hindu. See: National Database and Registration Authority, St. Patrick's Institute of Science & Technology, Saint Joseph's College for Women, Karachi, Pakistan National Commission for Minorities, "Population Distribution by Religion, 1998 Census",, "Population: 174,578,558 (July 2010 est. Only Muslims are allowed to become the President[20] or the Prime Minister. Christians Greenwood Press . [34][35] Many rituals and ceremonies are celebrated according to Islamic calendar. Broadly speaking, population density is greatest in fertile agricultural areas. Among Sunnis, Sufism is extremely popular and influential. [69][70][71], There are people who do not profess any faith (such as atheists and agnostics) in Pakistan, but their numbers are not known. The population of Punjab (Pakistan) is estimated to be between 85%-95% Muslim with a Sunni majority and Shia minority (The the Pakistani Government doesn't keep track of religious demographics). Muslims comprise a number of sects: the majority practice Sunni Islam (estimated at 75–95%), while 5–15% Shia Islam. [19], The Constitution limits the political rights of Pakistan's non-Muslims. [12] According to the National Commission of Justice and Peace and the Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC) around 1,000 non-muslim minority women are converted to Islam and then forcibly married off to their abductors or rapists.[47][13]. The Pakistan Hindu Council puts the population at an estimated 8 million as of Oct 2019. The Muslim League and Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Political decline and bureaucratic ascendancy, The first administration of Benazir Bhutto, The second administration of Benazir Bhutto, The second administration of Nawaz Sharif, Continuing challenges: conflict, a stalled economy, and nuclear tests, Growing unrest, tension with the military, and Sharif’s ouster, Relations with the United States, consolidation of Musharraf’s rule, and meetings with India, U.S. drone strikes, floods of 2010, and religious tensions.

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