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Its worth the read if you are at all interested in what sort of terrible place the earth would be after some terrible, catastrophic war. Only one man is bad enough to make the journey; Hell Turner. So how’d the current owner manage to take over this behemoth? And then Zelazny comes storming back in to obliterate the mind with Old Testament-style revelations and one no longer cares about anything else, just loves the thing and wishes he were still alive. Facing life in prison for his various crimes, h. Hell Tanner isn't the sort of guy you'd mistake for a hero: he's a fast-driving car thief, a smuggler, and a stone-cold killer. Damnation Alley is about a biker named Hell Tanner who has to take some plague serum from LA to Boston, travelling a route called Damnation Alley across the nuclear wasteland that is the United States in a car that might as well be a tank. You'd also never mistake Hell Tanner for a humanitarian. Undoubtedly, the appeal of the movie wasn’t its premise, acting, or directing. Subsequent to Damnation Alley, the Landmaster would appear in a number of low-budget, mostly forgotten sci-fi movies.

They encounter killer cockroaches, giant scorpions, hostile nomads, and violent storms along the way.

It can drive, just like it says in the movie, with the front or rear axles out of commission,” the owner says. “Something big and batlike swooped through the tunnel of his lights and was gone. I recall a movie based on this that I saw an eon ago when I was a pre-teen and recall that I liked it well enough. Among the many exquisite passages in this little book is what is quite possibly the longest sentence in science fiction, an utterly flawless apocalyptic prose poem that extends slightly beyond two pages. This is when Hell Tanner (real name) a biker, gangster, killer all around bad guy gets a pardon. The two segments of the body are connected in the middle by a hydraulic actuator that turns the vehicle. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. They must cross "Damnation Alley," considered "the path of least resistance" between intense radiation areas. Save my name & email in this browser for the next time I comment. Roger Zelazny made his name with a group of novellas which demonstrated just how intense an emotional charge could be generated by the stock imagery of sf; the most famous of these is, “No airplane could make it. © 2020 Recoil Magazine Firearms & Survivalists Lifestyle Only one man is bad enough to make the journey; Hell Turner, last of the Hell's Angels and vicious killer. Makes perfect sense. Damnation Alley is pure post-apocalyptic cheese, decorated with some ideas of genuine weirdness that uplift an otherwise mediocre by-the-book thriller. Three vehicles heading from L. A. to Boston to deliver plague vaccine across Damnation Ally. Damnation Alley is pure post-apocalyptic cheese, decorated with some ideas of genuine weirdness that uplift an otherwise mediocre by-the-book thriller.

It does not at all hurt that anything Roger Zelazny ever wrote is completely addictive to this omnivourous reader, but even without that strong bias of mine this is a pretty spectacular book.

One who is wise and open returns to it again and again and has trouble moving beyond it, though at this point one is near the end. The tri-star wheel assemblies are truly works of art. The Ultimate Firearms Destination for the Gun Lifestyle, © 2020 Recoil Magazine Welcome back. Two years later, the Earth has been tilted off its axis by World War III, radiation has mutated insect life, and the planet is wracked by massive storms. Jeffries was asked to draw up a body for it, and the studio liked his renderings. The Third World War left the planet shrouded in a pall of radioactive dust, under skies lurid and angry, in a climate gone insane. Remake Damnation Alley (film) SHARE TWEET "The best way to predict the future is to create it!" The tires are still the original 38×20-16.1 Goodyear Super Terra-Grips. Start by marking “Damnation Alley” as Want to Read: Error rating book. For those that need to know, the Landmaster was powered by a Ford 390-cubic-inch V8. And to do it, he has a customized, armor-plated, rocket-packing, flame-throwing, all-terrain driving machine. Start Petition. Now they are a bit of rarity. Aside from some unremarkable cameos, it became a bit of a local landmark and sat idly for many years in front of Jeffries’ shop next to the Hollywood Freeway, along with a few vehicles he built for another cult sci-fi film, Logan’s Run. You'd also never mistake Hell Tanner for a humanitarian. He will be free as an eagle and that bird which soared in the unlimited sky, is no longer in existence, neither is the United States (just a few petty states), from grim prison. If you love the fantasy genre, this is the season for you!

The novella this novel is based on is one of the best action-adventure stories ever written. When I read this I was struck by the similarities between the deal offered to Hell Tanner to run the serum thru Damnation Alley to a plague stricken Boston in order to recieve a full pardon for every criminal act he's committed in the Nation of California...hmmm. I’ve always wanted to see it again, because I know the film has got to be the best, craptastic, colossal turkey ever! “All three drive sources are independent of each other.

Greg soon regrets he signed on for the journey and tries to convince Hell to turn back, causing Hell to knock him out. The novel still works pretty well, but it doesn't have the tightly plotted forward momentum of the original. Hell and Greg get over the Mississippi and refuel outside of St. Louis.
This is a rather nervous post-apocalyptic road movie, which prefigures with forty years in advance The Road of Mc Carthy, in a more approachable way. For some strange reason many famous cars inexplicably disappear. The winds: the mighty winds that circled the globe, tearing off the tops of mountains and sequoia trees, wrecked buildings, gathered up birds, bats, insects, and anything else that moved, up into the dead belt; the winds that swirled about the world, lacing the skies with dark lines of debris, occasionally meeting, merging, clashing, dropping tons of rubbish wherever they came together and formed too great a mass. Click here to get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to a digital PDF of this target pack. All rights reserved. Damnation Alley is pure post-apocalyptic cheese, decorated with some ideas of genuine weirdness that uplift an otherwise mediocre by-the-book thriller.

OMG...post apocalypse at it's BEST...ergh, i wish i could remember the epitaph the main character writes for his girl who dies along the way...something like: 'Here lies Cordelia / it might not matter to no one but she was my girl and I loved her..' Dang! Released in 1977, Damnation Alley starred Jan-Michael Vincent, George Peppard, Paul Winfield, Dominique Sanda, and Jackie Earle Haley and was based loosely on the novel of the same name by Roger Zelazny. It seems that many movies of that era are now being remade since studio executives no longer have the backbone to try something original. Boston is afflicted by a deadly plague, and California has the cure. This was a wild ride across the North American continent from LA to Boston, passing through many dead, and I do mean dead, cities and through a lot of obstacles. Enter Hell Tanner. I have The Last Defender of Camelot but it just sits in my TBR pile. I gave this a 3 as a tribute to Roger Zelazny. The vehicle can do anything but fly above through the perilous air, fortunately the possible people .
Not since the war. Reread as research for WIP. If you don’t, what the hell’s the matter with you?

All rights reserved. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published It is all the more lovely for coming directly after the completion of the most flawed part of the book, a love interest (aptly named "Corny", and making it difficult to believe that the man was unaware of his limits) that was clearly forced in to flesh out the original story into something which is still barely book-length. A black shape, perhaps forty feet across, was illuminated, and he gave it two five-second bursts from the fifty-calibers. Some of the biggest books out this fall promise to be epics full of magic, adventure,... Hell Tanner isn't the sort of guy you'd mistake for a hero: he's a fast-driving car thief, a smuggler, and a stone-cold killer. Because of its enormous size, it’s not street legal and has to be transported via flatbed.

He was headed down the Hollywood freeway on his way to Disneyland with his father when he was 10 years old and saw this rusting relic parked in front of Jeffries’ shop. You are our people. I remember loving the short stories in The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth, but really couldn't tell you why I never went on to read anything else by him. He's a driver and a good one at that. Powering this 18-ton beast is a 1974 391ci experimental Ford industrial engine tied to an Allison transmission. All rights reserved. The story is simple enough: in a post apocalyptic America, where the country has been split into two nations, one being the Nation of California, the other being whatever the citizens of Boston have decided to call it, runs a stretch of road that has been named the Damnation Alley. This is a fairly straightforward adventure story.

Seriously. Bringing serum to plague infested Boston, otherwise no more bean town,they need it very soon like yesterday... Damnation Alley, the name of the territory between the cities, it's called that for a very good reason, a very good reason indeed. POD-150806, Home » Magazine » Issue 45 » Damnation Alley Landmaster. Not many photos of the Landmaster’s interior have been made public before. The action never stops. Hell and Corny! Watch it with your kids and tell them people actually used to build functioning vehicles like this for movies. It feels like Zelazny just sort of added some irrelevant stuff to bulk it out. He's also expendable - at least in the eyes of the Secretary of Traffic for the Nation of California. You have JavaScript disabled. To say that this book--which prefigured both of these comparisons by a goodly distance--is a more Mad Maxy version of "The Road" is no Rolling Stone-esque hogwash, or blind youthful insistence that the contemporary is the all; it is merely and delightfully accurate. At one time, actual machine guns were mounted in the rear section’s openings for various shots, but faux versions used for other scenes. (I am going to intentionally leave some parts vague; I think these parts really add to the character of Hell and I would hate to ruin this for the next reader. Since it’s still drivable 40-some years later, we can’t help but wonder if the Landmaster really would survive the apocalypse. It's not that they didn't succeed, it's just that there wasn't anyone to succeed for. He hopped over the fence and raced over to see this vehicle that piqued his curiosity. Zelazny is the master of altered states of reality.

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