drop zone board game

Ditch the red background color on the German stickers.

Strategy Games), Drop Zone: Southern France Organization – Part 1: Infantry Units from Squad to Battalion Level, Drop Zone: Southern France Organization – Part 2: Regiments and Brigades, Drop Zone: Southern France Organization of Units – Part 3: The 1st Airborne Task Force (ABTF), 66 wooden blocks & stickers (35 green, 31 grey), 1 countersheet (30 square assets, 20 round garrisons), 10 Custom dice (4 US, 4 UK, and 6 German). A pure, minimal arcade game about risk, reward, and rollercoasters. All of the scenarios depict actions in Normandy by the men of the 101st 'Screaming Eagles' Airborne Division as they parachute into enemy-held territory during the Normandy Invasion, and attempt to move inland in the days that … In addition, the beach defenders included a number of Ost battalions of Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Turkomen, and Russians. The 602nd Field Artillery Battalion (after trading in their mules), two companies of 4.2 inch heavy chemical mortars (a highly successful innovation that was inexplicably never repeated), and finally the anti-tank company of the Japanese-American 442nd Infantry Regiment, the famed “Go for Broke” Nisei, were all trained to ride gliders in a couple short weeks. The game board is a hex map of the Argens and Naturby River valleys and surrounding areas in Provence, Southern France, covering the area of operations. Neuling’s other unit, General Fretter-Pico’s 148th Reserve Grenadier Division, would carry the counterattack from the east. Win 15 minute battles by scoring points. Trying to make a choice? To bring the Task Force up to division size, the British contributed the 2nd Independent Parachute Brigade Group, with the 4th Para, 5th Scottish Para, and 6th Royal Welch Para battalions and supporting arms. Bloxorz is a fun-filled game with logical problem solving and spatial reasoning. General Neuling commanded the LXII Corps in the invasion zone. Edit. These recon troops were mounted, not on motor vehicles (other than a handful of armored cars) or even horses, but on bicycles. Whether you're fighting for humanity, the Scourge or for your own ends is up to you! The blocks portray companies and company-sized units of allied paratroopers and glidermen, French resistance bands, German Infantry, and a few small armor units on both sides. The rules are designed for efficient and dynamic games which can be played on a standard 4'x4' table (although larger tables work well also!) To provide heavy weapons support, a number of units volunteered (or were ordered to volunteer) to become airborne. Lay claim to the riches of Europa! Dropzone Commander is a 10mm scale sci-fi tabletop wargame, devised for mass battles between two or more players. Drop Zone: Southern France is a fast-playing (about 2 hours), company-level block game of the Allied airborne assault (code-named Operation RUGBY) that spearheaded Operation DRAGOON, the Invasion of Southern France—the Second D-Day, August 15th, 1944.Early on the morning of D-Day, the allied First Airborne Task Force (1st ABTF) parachuted a dozen miles behind the … Cookies help us deliver our services. Two battalions of parachute field artillery, the 460th and 463rd, would be making the first ever battalion-level para-drops of artillery. Since no airborne division was available, General Frederick (former commander of the 1st Special Service Force, the Devil’s Brigade) was tasked with building a division-sized task force in under a month. The core was a group of independent American formations: the 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) and three independent infantry battalions—the 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion (veterans of North Africa and Italy) and two battalions just arrived from guarding the Panama Canal, the 1st Battalion, 551st PIR, and the 550th Glider Infantry Battalion. Have some decisions to make? The soldiers included a large proportion of conscripts from “ethnic German” regions of Poland, Slovakia, and the Sudetenland; many could not even speak German. Drop Zone is a classic falling brick, line clearing game, with a couple of twists. Each hex measures about 500 meters across. General von Schwerin of the 189th Grenadier Division was tasked with forming a Kampfgruppe from units stationed to the west to launch a second counterattack. Assets depict fire support units (artillery, heavy mortars, and anti-tank guns) as well as key capabilities (such as reconnaissance and seizing initiative).

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