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The costs of debt financing are excluded from the tax deductible costs in the part where the surplus of debt financing costs exceeds 30% of the tax EBITDA. investment costs incurred during the completion of an investment in the SEZ, or. Exceptions include exchange rate differences accrued until the date of handover of an asset for use. TIN structure Format Explanation Comment 99999999999 11 digits PESEL number 9999999999 10 digits TIN number 2. proportionality (the office cannot impose undue burdens on economic operators, e.g. Our website uses cookies to improve and personalize your experience and to display advertisements (if any).

the company disbursing the interest/license fees holds a minimum of 25 per cent of the shares in the capital of the company collecting the interest/licence fees; or, the company collecting the interest/license fees holds a minimum of 25 per cent of the shares in the capital of the company disbursing the interest/licence fees; or, the company subject to taxation on its total income in an EU/EEA state holds at least 25 per cent of the shares in the capital of the disbursing company and in the capital of the company collecting the interest/license fees; and. Krakowskie Przedmieście 47/51 Enter rate and leave comments that you believe appropriate in your experience. Fiscal representation in Poland. presumption of the economic operator's innocence. Possibility of deducting WHT paid in Poland. Phone: +48 146.262.988 office@intertax.pl Who we are Services VAT Reporting VAT Consulting Tax Advisory Business Consulting Payroll Services Human Resources Accounting Services Information Polish Tax Law VAT CIT PIT Current Tax … As a rule, loan agreements are subject to 2-per cent tax on civil law transactions. For both types of leases, upon contract termination, ownership may be transferred to the beneficiary. In the case of a parent company with its registered office in the European Union, it is typically possible for dividends to be exempt. As part of the relief entrepreneurs can make write-offs up to EUR 50 000 in a given tax year. Possibility of deducting the CIT paid in Poland in the home country of the holding company. Dividends disbursed by corporations with offices in Poland are subject to withholding tax at the 19-per cent rate, (the tax is collected by the company making the disbursement).

The income of Polish investment funds is exempt from CIT, except for income on lease of certain commercial real estate. Expenditures for the purchase of fixed assets and intangible assets do not constitute costs either, but depreciation write-downs made in accordance with applicable laws. As of 1 January  2018, a significant change has been implemented in the regulations regarding the so-called thin capitalization. Dividends disbursed between Polish companies, are not further subject to CIT at the shareholder level. Polish company benefits. Income from the source of revenues is the surplus of the sum of revenues obtained from this source of revenues over the costs of obtaining them, generated in the tax year. The

Annual tax return CIT-8 is filed in an electronic form by the end of the third month after the end of each tax year. It is calculated and paid for each month by the 20th day of the following month. The chief role of Intertax Ltd is helping businesses throughout the world to trade internationally by minimizing their legal, fiscal and administrative responsibilities in Poland.

The change enables better use of their human, financial and organizational resources. H-1077 Budapest, Hungary  | Contact us, Ministerstwo Finansów Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, Head of National Revenue Administration, Secretary of State. We've updated our Privacy Policy, please click on the button beside to check our Privacy Policy. PESEL description As from 1st September 2011, Poland recognizes as a tax identification number the PESEL number issued to … Setting up new company. Reputation is everything! it will not be able to demand the documents the office already has); fair competition (fight against economic dysfunctions). As a rule (in accordance with tax treaties) - sales of shares/securities by foreign entities are subject to taxation in the country where the seller has its registered office. The eligible costs are listed in the CIT Act and include, inter alia, materials and raw materials directly related to research and development operations, acquisition of specialized equipment, costs of expert opinions, consultancy services, labour costs, etc. Poland. We will provide you with skilled professionals who are focused specifically on HR. z o.o. Taxpayers with offices or management boards in Poland are subject to CIT in Poland on their total income. The financing party effects depreciation. Some of the requirements for establishing a capital group are as follows: Conducting business via partnerships (excluding joint stock limited partnership) may be an alternative to tax capital groups. The Taxable base is the sum of income earned from capital gains and income derived from other sources of revenues.

Exemptions and deductions shall apply on condition that legal grounds exist, whether resulting from an agreement for the avoidance of double taxation or a different ratified international treaty to which the Republic of Poland is party, for the tax authority to receive tax information from a tax authority in the state where the registered office of the taxpayer is located or where the income was earned. Regulations in terms of currency used in VAT taxation we can find in article 13a ust.1 of Polish VAT Act. Companies operating in SEZs may also take advantage of property tax exemptions.

IOTA Presidency: 1999/2000. We've updated our Privacy Policy, please click on the button beside to check our Privacy Policy. As a rule, the tax cost related to interest can be deductible at the time of its payment (cash method) - other than for accounting purposes where the rule is to allocate interest to costs at the time of accrual (accrual method). It is not possible to include in tax deductible costs expenses related to: purchased from related parties or entities from tax havens. Taxpayers must document the costs incurred. uniform tax and customs information National Revenue Information System was set up to provide uniform, individual interpretations of tax law and tax and customs information available by phone at 801 055 055 or 22 330 03 30. Changes in the withholding taxes in Poland 2019. Use of this site constitutes agreement to the record or use. Calculate your tax. The amount of the cost of intangible services not deducted in a given tax year is deductible over the next 5 tax years, in accordance with the rules and within the limits applicable under the law in a given year. 2000/2001.

Costs incurred directly or indirectly for related parties or entities from the so-called tax havens are excluded from tax deductible costs where these costs in total exceed 5% of the amount corresponding to tax EBITDA in the tax year.

Income earned by a Polish taxpayer from sources located abroad is subject to 19-per cent CIT and should be cumulated with income earned in Poland unless the tax treaty states otherwise. A Polish established entity (PL supplier) provides marketing services to a Cyprus.

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