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Who is Lovie Simone from Social Distance? For many of the would-be stars, the stakes of the competition are as much about slipping out of American nightmares as they are about pursuing American, A Whole Army of Skeletons Lined Up, Ready to Go, The Rural Poverty That Created Dolly Parton, Kelly Loeffler’s Fight With the WNBA Is Backfiring. “Each of our presentations are very unique to who we are. will see the future of trap in these talented contestants. How You Know Him: Speaking of Outkast, Big Boi was one half of the legendary rap group with Andre Benjamin, a.k.a Andre 3000. Early on, Cardi B says: “I don’t just want to pick a winner. And they say the perfect job doesn’t exist... Have something to tell us about this article?

All walks of life are here. Powered by. RHOC: Who is Bernt Bodal? Each heat will see the competitors test their rap game, first in the live auditions, then in music videos and rap battles and finally with collaborations.

“She looks like she reads books ... for fun?” she beams, looking one promising contender up and down. Chance boasts some serious talent, and he’s here to identify some himself.

A film and journalism graduate from Leicester with a passion for the arts. A star has not been born from The X Factor for some time, and its newest incarnations aren’t even bothering to try and find one. Rebecca Nicholson. For the next three episodes, the three main judges all return to their hometowns for more auditions, with Cardi heading to New York, Chance heading to Chicago and T.I. Rhythm + Flow seems to have drawn a lesson there, and likely from Chance’s own experience of the advantages of self-management in the streaming age: It promises the winner cash (and a token live Spotify video spot), not a contract. His third release, Coloring Book, was the first streaming-only album to win a Grammy Award. But there is another kind of synergy that could elevate the exercise beyond itself—in all of music, hip-hop is the genre that could most be called “reality music,” as it plays with the borderlines of life and pretense in parallel ways to the TV format, as behind-the-scenes dramatics and adopted personae become elements and contexts of songs, and vice versa. I spent a lot of time reading the dictionary.”), There’s also a sequence unlike anything I’ve seen on mainstream nonfiction TV, when Snoop taunts the 33-year-old Inglewood high school teacher D Smoke—whose rhymes often touch on local street violence—by asking twice, “Where you from, homie?” Both times, Smoke replies, “I’m from Inglewood,” refusing to take the bait and wink at a gang allegiance. For the most part, that works just fine.

Even then, any guarantees may be distressingly flimsy, as we’re reminded in the opening episode when T.I. They range from the gruffly woke D Smoke, the competition’s best pure songwriter, to Denver’s besuited and bespectacled Old Man Saxon (who cites old-timey influences like swing musician Cab Calloway and blues comedian Rudy Ray Moore), to Rhode Island’s baby-faced but hard-nosed Puerto Rican rhymer Flawless Real Talk, to Chicago’s raggedy, slam poetry–honed Big Mouf’ Bo, who gets grief from the judges for her short temper. Now, in the age of streaming and all the democratisation that brings, artists have more chance of turning themselves into stars than ever. You can catch his documentary series, Trigger Warning with Killer Mike, on Netflix.

He is celebrated for his precision in his verses. Those days seem long ago, and while the rotating hot seats on The Voice have reeled in high ratings for more than 16 seasons now, it’s mostly been to the benefit of the careers of judges such as Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, rather than many of the competitors. Next on the roster? Netflix's Rhythm +Flow is the first music competition series to arrive on the streaming platform. Here’s a call and response for you: When network TV says “family friendly,” you say, “Whose family?” Because Rhythm + Flow is definitely very friendly to rapper Ali Tomineek’s single father in Arizona, who looks to hip-hop as a model for how he kept his infant son and himself going when they were living in his car: “You take nothin’ and you make somethin’.” Or to Atlanta’s verbally and visually striking Londynn B, with her curly two-tone mohawk, her 6-year-old daughter (whom she had at 17), and her lesbian wife. Mostly, the low ratio of triumphs to near-misses in the finished work only proves how dexterous a combination shot of skills and choices it takes to land a real rap song, especially on deadline and under pressure, even with the best in coaching (from freestyle legend King Los as well as the judges and guests) and up-and-coming producers (among whom Kal Banx, previously linked to J. Cole, leaves the strongest impression). She got her start on the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop: New York, and then broke off to pursue a music career full-time. There are a lot of murdered, imprisoned, addicted, and otherwise vanished relatives in Rhythm + Flow’s would-be stars’ lives. The first four episodes – which are the opening auditions – will drop on October 9th and then a following week’s worth of episodes will drop on October 16th. The show follows hip-hop legends as they travel the country in search of undiscovered musicians that could potential become superstars. Big Boi has released work on his own, and recently appeared alongside Maroon 5 at the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show in his hometown of Atlanta. What's Coming to Netflix in October 2019? Netflix’s staggered release schedule for Rhythm + Flow is effectively building up my suspense over whether the show ultimately will go for the most exciting rap artists or the most telegenic ones.

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