ring stick up cam not detecting motion

This is a feature neighbors often utilize when living in apartment buildings. You need to put the same software/firmware as in the prior generation and add on to it for improvement Not Take it away! I will make sure to pass on your feedback to the appropriate team as well! No complaints about that. My battery-powered Ring Stick Up Camera (3rd generation) suddenly stopped detecting motion. In the past I've also had animals knock over my garbage/compost, which are located beside the Ring, and it has never picked up those motion events. I recently made a change to my home WiFi, and am now running a mesh network from my router (including disabling the Verizon WiFi network from my router). I have managed to set up two Motion Zones on my Stick Up battery Camera. Ring has a new gizmo for you! My cheap swann camera system picks up every motion event and then some. https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021842611-Utilizing-Motion-Zones-With-Your-Powered-Rin... You should give feedback to the team that they're promoting features that aren't available, which is pretty frustrating from a customer standpoint after spending hundreds of dollars on cams and other devices based on the features that are promoted and yet unavailable. Please go through each setting option to ensure you've optimized all the options available, as well as check for any new features the app might be making you aware of. I know its not popular but for the most part I avoid any new company when it comes to security. WiFi is strong, my connection is reliable, and yet half the time I cannot connect to the Ring. have that advertised function (see the screenshot of my Ring app). With what you've described, your devices are certainly setup and sound to be reporting correctly to the app. Many thanks Chelsea for making it clearer. Hey neighbors! The Stick Up Cam Battery is not included in the list of devices in the article you have referenced, which is why I referred the neighbor to visit this Help Center Article here. This is a WiFi operated camera, any disturbance to your internet, router, WiFi speed etc will affect the ability to record a clip and send you a notification. Like the camera is dead. The OP is referencing a Stick Up Cam Battery, which is a battery operated device, not a powered and wired device as you have referenced with this article. @Yankees15 What zones are you referencing to being able to control on the Stick Up Cam, versus the Ring Video Doorbell 2? If you could please reply with some screenshots explaining these differences I will be happy to clear this up for you! I have the Skybell and experience the same issue on occasion. I've also had to disable motion alerts due to cars setting it off. customizable motion zone on wired cameras is not true. I know its not popular but for the most part I avoid any new company when it comes to security. No monthly fee and recording to home NAS. You should take a look at doorbird. I regret buying the ring floodlight. It's a German company, they produce really solid video doorbells. In the office, down the street or halfway around the wor Sees everything. I've had a skybell for a couple months and it works great. I own the ring floodlight cam and so far it has worked incredibly well. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Device Health is fine. They have been useless for so long that everyone I know with a Ring turned them off. Ring flood light cameras not detecting black cars by Vajjas on ‎10-05-2020 05:47 PM Latest post on ‎10-06-2020 01:16 PM by Vajjas 3 Replies 35 Views I have my Ring 1 hardwired, a dedicated router used for no other device on the other side of the wall. Delay after delay on the original product, with a total lack of communication. Totally False advertisement. The blue light never comes on. But it is clearly not detecting any motion. Every time I hear those stupid commercials with Shaq I get visably angry. Harumph...Also just ran into this issue.. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. The whole experience was so unpleasant that it completely turned me off to any type of crowdfunded/"give us money now for this great thing we're making" product. This feature is where you can enable black boxes on your Live View so that you can avoid areas you do not need to see. I wish I had gone with skybell now. This is a WiFi operated camera, any disturbance to your internet, router, WiFi speed etc will affect the ability to record a clip and send you a notification. At this point I don't care which. I bought one under the impression this was possible. All in all the ring door bells aren't bad but it's almost closer to a "toy" then a real security product. I understand your frustration. I had a really strong, high-speed wifi signal at my front door, but even went so far as to relocate my router in the hopes that it would help, with no luck. I'm happy to help provide some more clarity for you on your concerns. For what it is though, ring makes a pretty damn good product, definitely not perfect though. The Ring Stick Up Cam is an incredibly versatile security camera. Looked cool on paper but it is just a nightmare to get any WiFi signal and when it gets colder out the LEDs turn into strobe lights.

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