show more show less css

pure CSS is better for me, but if there is an awesome plugin for that, then you are more than welcome to share. On the other hand, @Aaron Goodrum, I really liked the pen. * height of the `ul` element

So, cannot do that right now.

Truncates an HTML list to a specified number of list items. The following code snippet shows how we style the pseudo-elements related to the label element: Τhe last thing required is to ensure the adjacent sibling element is hidden by default before the checkbox is checked: As this point, if we trigger the “checked” state of the checkbox, a number of CSS rules are fired. Master complex transitions, transformations and animations in CSS! Nowadays developers take advantage of different CSS techniques to create sliders, modals, tooltips, and many more Javascript-based components. In addition, we include a second unordered list within the wrapper element. If you have a Google account, you can save this code to your Google Drive. Truncates an HTML table to a specified number of records (rows). Thankfully, the W3C informs us in a useful table. Save to Google Drive. In this article, we’ll work with some of those techniques to implement what we might refer to as the “Show More/Less” functionality, and doing it without writing any JavaScript. Adjacent sibling selector (+) 3. See the Pen Pure CSS “Show More/Less” functionality with Transitions (slideToggle effect with no JavaScript). I have put together a CSS snippet to responsively display a Show more / Show less button if content of list cannot fit 1 line (1em) when you resize the window using pseudo-elements.. This property value is important because it will help us position the label element: Notice that we position our label absolutely and give it a top offset of 0 pixels. Just click on one of the buttons to view a description and demo of the technique. Truncates an HTML list to a specified number of list items. Even though this isn’t necessary, it helps us produce a smooth transition effect. * max-height: 9999px; Be sure to check out this StackOverflow thread about transitioning the height property. By creating two different versions of our demo, we gained good knowledge of how far we can push the limits of CSS. So, due to this restriction, the height property cannot be considered as a good solution. We’ll also create a fully functional accordion-style show/hide demo that you can use as a starting point for your projects. by SitePoint (@SitePoint) on CodePen. Pure CSS “Show More/Less” functionality with Transitions (slideToggle effect with no JavaScript). So let’s fix this issue by working on a second updated version! Note: This article will not discuss how to make this component accessible, but that could certainly be a valid improvement and maybe a topic for another post. * the value below corresponds to the I’m using a list, and the component looks a lot like a traditional accordion widget. To do so, we use top: 100%;. That said, we update the relevant rule so as to include the transition property: Moreover, note that both transitions share the same properties (i.e. another example :

The last item acts as the container for our checkbox and its corresponding label. Here are the styles that we replace compared to the previous ones: The last step is to transition our label. by hiding paragraph and then just show it by button ( target for example ) seting font size to 0 and then just set it to normal also max-height and opacity to 0 another example : just make function in PHP if your site is dynamic and just if string is longer then 100 chars give 100 chars in P tag then put button with you can click and :target css property and then make P tag with class HIDDEN If you look back at the HTML structure, you’ll see that the label is an empty element. But for some other properties We need to click on "Show More/Show less" link to view more properties.

The first of those rules, which allows us to reveal the hidden elements, is shown below: Next, we change the position of our label. He loves anything related to the Web and he is addicted to learning new technologies every day. Thank you very much for your quick response. Thank you very much for that. In this article, we used the “checkbox hack” technique along with the sibling selectors in order to implement the “Show More/Less” functionality with plain CSS. Although, as mentioned in a previous section, its initial top: 0; property value seemed useless, it actually provides a great way to transition this property. “Show more” button that expands text when clicked; text-overflow: ellipsis does not support multiple lines, but I remembered the line-clamp property that can be used to achieve multiline truncated text. Google will ask you to confirm Google Drive access. Features: Truncates text to a specified number of characters. Also, for styling we use a few characters taken from the lovely CopyPasteCharacter web app. Depending on the real height of the content that we want to show and the property value that we set, the transition effect will have a different speed. Here a good example of what you're trying to do. Have a look at the two rule sets below: In this part of the tutorial, we will set up the styles for the last list item. However, this option has limitations as well. Then, we set its position to relative.

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