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While the Federation and the Klingon Empire engaged in open hostilities for many years, the Romulans played the waiting game. Their society was strictly regimented and militaristic with publically broadcast trials in which the accused was always presumed guilty. Many years before the Enterprise NX-01 encountered the Xindi, there was a civil war between the different Xindi species. But that makes it sound so clinical. The most serious of these was the conquest and authoritarian occupation of Bajor in which millions of Bajorans were imprisoned, tortured, and/or destroyed. The creators of Star Trek have concocted some truly memorable species over the years. As explorers, their technology let them cross vast interstellar distances. However, each of these species have grown into well-rounded and formidable characters in their own right. The species had developed a highly advanced bio-technology that let individuals integrate with their vessels. The Q, as they called themselves, were a species of god-like beings inhabiting a separate plane of existence called the Q Continuum. Even the Romulans and the Cardassians are openly wary of the Breen: “Never turn your back on a Breen.”. 10 Things We Already Know About Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender Adaptation, The Last Airbender: Aang's 5 Best Traits (& His 5 Worst), HIMYM: The Best Moments In Lily & Robin's Friendship, How Did The Big Bang Theory Film In Space? However, the Caretaker’s arrival unintentionally wrought devastation on the Ocampa home world. The transdimentional Sphere Builders guided the surviving species to habitable planets and urged them to construct massive celestial weapons. After trapping another Federation vessel, the Defiant, The Tholians attempted to trap the Enterprise within their formidable web. From time to time, they appear to the various crews of Star Fleet to vex them with dire tests, judging the merits of their civilizations.

They have transported themselves and others through time and back again.

By all counts the Borg should have conquered the galaxy by now.

The creatures were thought to be extinct by 2266, until they attacked Hfihar Mining Facility in 2409. Dieser Artikel oder Abschnitt beinhaltet Text aus dem englischen Wiki und wurde noch nicht oder nur teilweise übersetzt. The Xindi weapons were each capable of destroying entire planets. They were barely known to the Federation until Captain Picard’s time. Die folgenden Rassen erscheinen in Star Trek Online: D'Arsay Dewaner Dopterianer Etanianer Hur'q Kobliade Numiri Pah Wraith Son'a Tamarianer Tarkaleaner Tkon Tzenkethi Es gibt eine Vielzahl von…

Star Trek: Discovery streams exclusively on CBS All Access in the United States and is distributed concurrently by CBS Studios International on Netflix in 188 countries and in Canada on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and OTT service Crave. Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Much like the journeys of the protagonists themselves, Star Trek has introduced viewers to all kinds of fascinating alien species from all corners of the galaxy. When it comes to Trek aliens, the Klingons are as ubiquitous as the Beatles, while the Ferengi are more of “Top 40” choice, the Andorians are like an indie band, and the Romulans are whatever type of music you hate the most. Star Trek - Welche Spezies bist du? Arrowverse: 5 Ways Barry Allen Is The Best Character (& 5 It’s Oliver Queen), Star Trek: The 15 Strongest Species, Ranked From Weakest To Most Powerful, Game Of Thrones: Every King & Queen, Ranked From (Politically) Weakest To Strongest, Game Of Thrones: 5 Reasons Why The Hound Deserved Better (& 5 Why He Got What He Deserved), Seinfeld: The 10 Worst Things The Guys Did To Elaine, SNL: 5 '90s Sketches That Are Underrated (& 5 Overrated), The Office: 5 Couples That Could've Worked (& 5 That Would've Been A Disaster), Lucifer: 7 Things About The Show That Make No Sense, 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Cast of Snowpiercer, South Park: The 10 Best Characters Voiced By Trey Parker, Ranked, Gilmore Girls: Every Secondary Character, Ranked By Intelligence.

Many species on Star Trek were initially based on exploring some question or aspect of the Human condition, as Star Trek is known for. They are large tripedal creatures with devastating claws and keen telepathic senses. Here are The 15 Strongest Star Trek Species, Ranked From Weakest To Most Powerful!

Their power and influence shrank after successive wars with the Federation and the Klingons. During the Second Klingon Empire, an entire fleet of Klingon warships invaded Breen space. Being omnipotent just about ends any discussion on ranking. To this end, the Jem’Hadar were engineered with astounding strength and resilience, but also a rapid lifecycle. Star Trek Timelines Announces “Mudd Amuck” Mega-Event and More. 10 Games That'll Make You Feel Like You've Enlisted in Starfleet. Lt. Worf of the Enterprise experienced and fought against these first hand. The 10 Best 'Star Trek' Table Top Games. They are capable of conjuring objects and people in an instant and making them disappear just as quickly. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. They genetically engineered the Jem’Hadar to be their soldiers and the Vorta to be their agents.


Their xenophobia and isolationism became so pronounced that the Changelings established the Dominion and sought to bring conformity and order to the entire galaxy. Are there any other powerful Star Trek species you think deserves a spot on the list? Throughout the galaxy, the Borg are considered an implacable menace.

In dem Universum von Star Trek Online, sind einige Rassen spielbar, während andere dies nicht sind.

The Caretaker’s array seemed to be a typical example of their advanced transportation and holographic technology.

Without it, they would blindly charge into battle and even attack their fellows and superiors.

This made their armada one of the most fearsome in the galaxy. Do you agree with our rankings?

In doing so, they would expand their biological and technological distinctiveness and advance towards a goal of perfection.

These aliens left an impression after only one episode! The Voyager crew encountered city sized holodeck programs designed for training hunters built inside space stations. They also can probe the minds of those to whom they grant visions, appearing as familiar figures from that person’s life based on the type of message they want to convey. Star Trek's One Hit Wonder Alien Species When it comes to Trek aliens, the Klingons are as ubiquitous as the Beatles, while the Ferengi are more of “Top 40” choice, the Andorians are like an indie band, and the Romulans are whatever type of music you hate the most. Register. They range in physiology from the cybernetic Borg to the metamorphic Changelings. Your password must include at least 8 characters with a combination of upper/lower case, number and symbol. Why 'A Final Unity' is the Perfect 'Star Trek' Gaming Experience . Captain Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise NX-01 was also trapped by the Tholians. Here are some of our favorite one-hit wonder species. An email will not be created automatically. Even more so than Klingons or Romulans, Cardassians are the most notorious for their ruthlessness. They have rarely sought or accepted earnest alliances with other races. They had also dispatched 100 Changelings throughout the wider galaxy to learn as much as they could about other worlds and species, including Odo. Cool Behind The Scenes Secrets & Effects, 5 Ways Supernatural & Lucifer (The Show) Are Similar (& 5 Ways They're Totally Different), The Boys: Why Stormfront Is A Better Villain Than Madelyn Stillwell (& Why Stillwell Is Best).

The Xindi were in fact a collection of five distinct species that were all native to the planet Xindus.

They have no apparent rules of engagement and focus purely on destroying their opponents by any means necessary. And some pretty convenient story writing.

How I Met Your Mother: Which Character Should You Date, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac? However, they continued to threaten the Alpha Quadrant when Gul Dukat enlisted the Cardassians as a member of the Dominion. Cardassians always seemed to engage in dangerous mind games with their enemies and even with friends and family. The Borg are a cybernetic collective of drones all focused on assimilating more species and technology into their society. Tholians were an instant fan favorite, despite remaining so mysterious. Each Jem’Hadar could naturally camouflage themselves with their surroundings, making them even more dangerous.

They could have easily succeeded if Captain Janeway didn’t mend relations with them later on.

The Breen are as dangerous as they are mysterious. Here are The 15 Strongest Star Trek Species, Ranked From Weakest To Most Powerful! Others in the hundred infiltrated the Klingons, the Romulans, and the Cardassians in secret and destabilized them ahead of the Federation-Dominion War. Species 8472 are so biologically advanced that they were able to overpower the Borg when the Borg invaded their native domain of fluidic space. There were mentioned again in subsequent Star Trek series but they didn’t reappear on screen again until Star Trek: Enterprise. The Federation has only managed to defeat the Borg through sheer feats of ingenuity and daring. Die folgenden Rassen erscheinen in Star Trek Online: Es gibt eine Vielzahl von Rassen in Star Trek Online die erstellt wurden für das Spiel, einschließlich: Adduelit, Adelko, Aelasan, Amlevian, Apllintok, B'abynii, Bexxian, Beyentic, Boktian, Bounc, Brethax, Crimto, Dalankrit, Daxxtarian, Deferi, Dia'fene, Dref, Easathir, Eashoya, Glentika, Hylasa, Icarian, Kenshek, Kentari, Kibo Cri'Box, Liposhen, Marfuu, Meltzilian, Mokia, Palatid, Phanoian, Pirx, Queii, Rinketian, Roliean, Sa'ggenth, Scoodian, Se'Reilian, Starlian, Sterenko, Strekkelan, Szenenasch, Tegitrev, Thalian, T'lonian, Tschummii, Unikuian, Ventraxian, Vito'D, Widrab, Xaraxian, and Zantil.

When the USS Voyager made contact with them, Species 8472 were engaged in a war with one of Star Trek's perennial antagonists, the Borg. With it, they remain focused and obedient. Species 8472 was even on the verge of winning the war against the Borg before Captain Janeway allied with the Borg. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Every aspect of their technology enhanced their martial and hunting capabilities. The Prophets, also known as the “Wormhole Aliens” to non-Bajorans, resided within the stable Bajoran wormhole between the Alpha Quadrant and the Gamma Quadrant. Most Klingons, both male and female are individually fierce fighters as well. They are also immune to empaths and lack any conventional circulatory system. With Captain Sisko as their Emissary, they heavily shaped the course of the Dominion War. The Vulcans were the first extraterrestrial species encountered by Humans in Star Trek. CBS Entertainment | This site and its contents ® & © 2020 CBS Studios Inc. © 2020 CBS Television Distribution and CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. In dem Universum von Star Trek Online, sind einige Rassen spielbar, während andere dies nicht sind. Taking advantage of the Xindis’ reverence for them, the Builders foretold that Humans would be responsible for the destruction of their future homeworld in the 26th century. 10 Fragen - Erstellt von: Namid - Entwickelt am: 15.02.2012 - 17.752 mal aufgerufen - 3 Personen gefällt es Auf welchem Planeten wärst du wohl geboren wenn nicht auf der Erde? Whereas Vulcans value logic and foster harmony, Romulans value ambition and rely on cunning to advance themselves. Their efficient geometric vessels and each drone can rapidly adapt to almost any kind of conventional weaponry used against them.

Vulcans are extremely resilient mentally and physically. The Jem’Hadar are a race of reptilian hybrids genetically engineered by the rulers of the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant. Whether they evolved into this state or have essentially always existed, the Q watch over the universe with smug distain or amusement. In ancient times on Bajor, certain Bajorans experienced visions when they encountered majestic orbs.

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