tearaway unfolded trophy guide

Ham-Fisted It is highly recommended you ignore this trophy until you have completed the level at least once, and preferrably acquired all items in the level first. It's worthwhile to mention that the Guiding Light ability can only be used in dark areas.

Once you've completed the game, all that's left to do is finish collecting the collectibles if you haven't done so already, as well as getting any of the remaining miscellaneous trophies. After they have tossed you back and forth, the trophy will unlock.

Story related, cannot be missed.

All you have to do is put 10 decorations on your messenger and they don't even have to be different! Here is a list of all chapters in which you need to take a photo: You can get this trophy during the Maypole level at the end near the Grocer's Barn.

This will most likely come naturally as you need to take photos of the papercraft plans for a few other trophies. It is your duty to guide the plucky messengers iota or atoi through their many adventures as they seek to deliver their message. There are at least two acorns lying around and two squirrels.

The earliest you can acquire this is The Harbour, assuming you replay The Standing Stones to acquire those papercraft plans. Papercraft Wizard

You can try to transport her on your first run through the level, I did it successfully on a few levels, if you choose so. On the tenth, the trophy will unlock.

You will have to complete every level of the game to unlock this trophy.

As soon as the 6th Red Scrap jumps to the pile, start rolling with and knock them over before one jumps off. 15 hours at least with a guide, for me currently considerably longer lol.


There are a total of 77 Presents throughout the game. You can also set the gopher down gently by pressing , contrary to the video.

This is a pretty easy trophy, it just takes awhile to obtain.

So far I've only seen one or two chapters you might need to replay with abilities you unlock later.

You Have 1 New Message Upon completing Step 1, you will earn: Catastrophe The earliest you can acquire this is The Harbour. There are a total of 53 papercraft plans throughout the game. Good luck and be patient! For this, you must defeat 40 Scraps by breaking through the ground with the .

For this chapter, the only way you can lose your stamp is by falling off the map.

Our first step is to simply complete the game.

The acorn on the top has an infinite spawn on it, so you can keep trying if you mess up. These all have relatively simple tasks, ranging from taking a photo, pinning decorations onto the quest-giver, to fetching an item. Includes online features that may expose players to unrated user-generated content, Mild Cartoon Violence, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You.

Near the Squirrel King are a few acorns. None of these are particularly difficult to find, though some may be a little frustrating. Step 1: Complete the game, collecting as many presents, papercraft plans and confetti as possible. This can be done as early as Maypole Fields, but given this area is very hilly it is very difficult to successfully throw the Gopher onto the Elk's back, thus isn't recommended. In the fights with Wendigos, enemies killed by the Wendigos. Doppelganger In the middle of the first chapter, The Standing Stones, you'll be taught how to place Decorations on your character.

This is another easy trophy, but you will want to have saved up 2,400 confetti before attempting it.

As l said before, l have been looking forward to play this game for a while but haven't yet because there was no decent guide for it. There are plenty of opportunities to do this throughout the game, but if you want to get it out of the way early, you can simply repeat the first chapter (The Standing Stones), as you'll get about 10-15 kills each time you complete it.

Partway through the level a Squirrel will tell you to dispatch of all the Scraps in the area. Now snap a picture.

They are red presents that you can open with the when you approach them. Bouncer scraps are first introduced during the level Gibbet Hill. There are several places you can get this, but the best place is near the beginning of the first chapter, The Standing Stones. Here is another helpful piece of information regarding the Misplaced Gopher, by missmolotov: For a complete collectible guide, please see this link: Tearaway Collectibles Guide - Papercraft Plans, Presents, Extra Things To Do. There isn't much that can be said about this other than that, simply avoid the Wendigos! I unlocked this during The Lab.

Simply complete the fifth Chapter in the game, Gibbet Hill. Lunch Break

Tearaway is Media Molecule's latest game, exclusive to the PlayStation Vita, and one of the first games to truly utilise all of the Vita's utilities to their full extent. Simply complete the eleventh Chapter in the game, Between the Pages.

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