the incredible hulk disney

For the remaining movies, Disney doesn't own the distribution rights to them. Villains: Whiplash • Justin Hammer • Red Skull • Loki Laufeyson • Thanos • Aldrich Killian • Trevor Slattery • Eric Savin • Malekith • Algrim • The Winter Soldier • Alexander Pierce • Crossbones • Arnim Zola • The Other • Nebula • Ronan the Accuser • Collector • Ulysses Klaw • Ultron • Franklin Hall • Leader • Abomination • Baron Strucker • Ellen Brandt • Wilson Fisk/Kingpin • Kilgrave • Baron Zemo • Cottonmouth • Black Mariah • Shades • Diamondback • Baron Mordo • Kaecilius • Bride of Nine Spiders • Ego the Living Planet • Ayesha • Taserface • The Vulture • Shocker • Tinkerer • Maximus • Hela • Erik Killmonger • Ghost • Sonny Burch • Yon-Rogg • Dr. Minn-Erva • Supreme Intelligence • Ebony Maw • Corvus Glaive • Proxima Midnight • Cull Obsidian • Morgan le Fay • Taskmaster Hulk then returns to his friends right as a revived Surtur destroys Asgard following the evacuation; without knowing Thor released Surtur to stop Hela, an unaware Hulk attacks Surtur, and after being easily thrown away by the demon, Hulk begrudgingly escapes with Thor and Valkyrie on board the Statesman, where Loki, the Sakaaran rebels, and all the Asgardians are waiting. Banner sends the data to "Mr. Blue", and he and Betty traveled to Manhattan to meet with "Mr. Blue", Dr. Samuel Sterns. Banner admits to Thor he is tired of fighting and wants to return to Earth when Thor asks for his help; however, he does agree to accompany Thor back to Asgard. With Thor and Valkyrie, Banner acquire a ship that takes them to Asgard. Thor convinces Hulk to bring in his friend and sparring partner, Valkyrie, to ask for her help but she refuses to. Recurring characters: Giant Floating Baby Head • Django Brown • Coltrane • Charlene Doofenshmirtz • Roger Doofenshmirtz • Vivian Garcia-Shapiro • Irving • Jenny Brown • Suzy Johnson • Danny • Bobbi Fabulous • Sherman • Meap • Mitch • Norm • Clyde Flynn • Betty Jo Flynn • Pinky • Albert • Peter • Klimpaloon • Talking Zebra • Monty Monogram • Hildegard Johnson • Reginald Fletcher • Winifred Fletcher • Aloyse von Roddenstein • "The Secret of Success" • "The Doof Side of the Moon" • "Split Personality" • "Brain Drain" • "Rollercoaster: The Musical!" Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hercules: Hercules • Megara • Hades Thor, as king of Asgard, decides to set course for Earth as their new home which Hulk agrees to. He is the tritagonist of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Albums: Phineas and Ferb • Phineas and Ferb Holiday Favorites • Phineas and Ferb: Across the 1st and 2nd Dimensions • Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars soundtrack, Entertainment: Phineas and Ferb's Rockin' Rollin' Dance Party Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. HulkBig Green, Genius-level intellect (Bruce Banner)Superhuman Strength (Hulk)Superhuman Speed (Hulk)Superhuman Durability (Hulk)Superhuman Stamina (Hulk)Superhuman Endurance (Hulk)Underwater/Space survival (Hulk)Superhuman Leaping (Hulk)Healing Factor (Hulk)Invulnerability (Hulk). Marvel's Women of Power: Wasp • Elektra • Captain Marvel • She-Hulk • Spider-Woman He is a brilliant scientist whom Tony Stark likes and he makes great work which makes him a great scientist as well. MousekeDance It! Hulk follows Thor down, not intending to let his friend leave Sakaar, however, Thor then plays footage of Natasha's final message in front of Hulk. 1. Appalled and fearful of the the Hulk's power falling into the wrong hands, Banner attempted to convince Sterns to destroy the blood supply when he was shot by a tranquilizer from one of General Ross' snipers, while Blonksy, further enhanced by Ross's serum, attacked Banner in an attempt to get him to transform but couldn't. Banner to talk about his tantrums but he fell asleep as soon as the session started but Tony just kept telling him more of his stories, making him fall back asleep. But for casual viewers, the movie isn't an essential entry in the franchise (the actor Edward Norton was replaced with Mark Ruffalo in "Avengers"). • "Fly On the Wall" • "Bully Bust" • "My Sweet Ride" • "Der Kinderlumper" • "Sidetracked" • "Primal Perry" • "Mind Share" • "Backyard Hodge Podge" • "Bee Day" • "Bee Story" • "Great Balls of Water" • "Where's Pinky?" • "Ferb TV" • "When Worlds Collide" • "What'd I Miss?" Because the Hulk appreciates finally being loved, he has remained in Hulk form for two years, never turning back into Banner. He had a love-hate relationship with Thor, having beaten him up and escaped with him and Valkyrie. Written by Graham Kroon • Disney Infinity (2.0) (3.0) • Phineas and Ferb: Day of Doofenshmirtz Marvel One-Shots: Item 47 • Agent Carter • All Hail the King

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