logitech c922 pro stream microphone

The omnidirectional microphones got the job done but the noise from the focus mechanism was so loud that it would have ruined any recorded audio. The solution is to disable auto focus all together and manually set it as needed, however if making changes to the focus is something that is absolutely necessary, we don’t think anyone will be pleased with the audio output. The second model is the C922x, available exclusively from Amazon that forgoes the tripod in favour of a 6 month XSplit subscription. They did a satisfactory job at capturing my voice without picking up most of the ambient noise in the room, but it’s hardly pro-grade audio, not that anyone should expect such. Even though our video remained in focus, we mentioned that we could hear the mechanism inside the webcam when the auto focus kicks in. First is the audio, which would have been satisfactory until a dedicated microphone or quality headset mic could be found had it not been for the fact that focus mechanism is extremely audible when using the C922 as the audio capture source.

Up until a few months ago, I was firmly planted on that side of the fence, but fast forward to today, and like many who have been bitten by the streaming bug, I now find myself on the other side of the same fence needing a higher quality solution. The stills below were pulled from the video, the first with low light correction on and the other with the feature turned off. Even when sitting still the quality was well below what we were expecting, and was downright terrible when there was any kind of movement at all.

Even though the webcam comes with a license for XSplit, it is also fully compatible with the most popular free alternative, OBS. Our review sample is the C922, which means we also received a tripod.

When it comes to the added feature of background replacement, we were left very underwhelmed as well, as the software had a hard time truly removing the background on the fly, and either didn’t do so properly or removed too much of the subject. We did find that the camera would rotate on the tripod if there wasn’t enough slack in the cable, so including some sort of horizontal lock to go with the vertical lock would have been a nice feature to include. Let’s break things down. “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!”. With ad revenue at an all-time low for written websites, we're relying more than ever on reader support to help us continue putting so much effort into this type of content. First we have the good, which begins with the build quality. Normally I tend to leave the pricing for the last half of the wrap up, but at $99.99USD for either model on Amazon or Best Buy, the Logitech C922 Pro Stream webcam falls short of what we expected. INCLUDES FREE 3-MONTH XSPLIT PREMIUM LICENSE Even when stretched to 1080p, 720p doesn’t look all that bad, so the lower resolution should be fine when set to full screen in another scene in XSplit or OBS. By the time we wrap things up, we hope to have taken some of the guess-work out of where to start in order to take your recording or streaming to the next level. More and more YouTubers and Twitch streamers are popping up each day and Logitech aims to have them covered with the C922 Pro Stream webcam. Normally when it comes time to test a product, we turn to words and still photos to do the job, but with this being a webcam review, we figured why not make a cringe-worthy video to showcase what the C922 can do out of the box?

The C922 Pro Stream is compatible with Windows 7 and up, Mac OS X 10.9 and up, Chrome OS, and Android 5.0 and up. Dotata di due microfoni, uno su ciascun lato della fotocamera, la webcam C922 Pro è in grado di acquisire un suono più realistico da ogni angolazione, in modo che la tua voce risulti naturale e chiara. Finally, we looked at the background replacement feature that’s handled courtesy of the Personify software.

Being able to capture video in 720p at 60FPS is also very nice and will surely be useful for most folks.

With a price tag as high as it is, we expected more, especially since in order to have acceptable audio users will likely have to shell out another $150 for a microphone, or a decent headset with a quality mic. Logitech C922 Pro Stream 1080p Webcam + Capture Software Shop C922 Webcam. The video below was recorded entirely using the C922 without any setup before hand other than blocking out some of the light coming into the room in order to test out the automatic low light correction feature. When it comes to webcams, most folks will plunk down about $40 and be ready to roll for the occasional low quality video chat. After checking around at various online retailers, it became clear that the options are nearly limitless, as are the price tags, so today’s review of the new Logitech C922 Pro Stream webcam proved to be a learning experience for me as I wasn’t really sure what I needed or even wanted in a webcam.

Plug the webcam into an available USB port, fire up your software, choose the C922 as your video and audio source, and you’re good to go. To test the difference between the frame rates at different resolutions, we moved a pen in front of the camera while recording in 1080p at 30 FPS, then flipped over to 720p at 60 FPS before making the same motions. Let’s get the basics out-of-the-way first. The intent of this feature is to act like a green screen and replace the background with a stock or custom image, or remove it all together giving the capture a transparent background. You can support us by becoming a Patron, or by using our Amazon shopping affiliate links listed through our articles. In addition to low light correction, we also look at the differences between the two available resolutions and frame rates, the difference between audio recorded with the C922 compared to a headset microphone, and then finish things off by testing the background replacement feature, so give it a watch or scroll down for a summary of the results from the video. Thanks for your support! We’ll start with a look at the business end of the camera. It comes in two flavours with the first being the C922, available directly from Logitech as well as Best Buy, which ships with a tripod and a 3 month premium license for the very popular streaming software, XSplit. The automatic low light correction worked wonderfully and is sure to be something that streamers who don’t have dedicating lighting will appreciate. Unfortunately this feature didn’t live up to the hype as it routinely failed to properly remove the background in some spots, or (thankfully) removed too much of my charming visage and Adonis-like body. Features 1080p 30 FPS or 720p 60FPS, twin microphones and auto light correction so you can stream & record vibrant, true-to-life video Shop C922 Webcam. In order to make use of Personify’s ChromaCam background replacement feature however, users will need to download that software from Logitech. The difference was noticeable as the pen was less blurry as it traveled across the screen at the higher frame rate. If a video capture device is all that you need and will handle audio recording using other methods, the C922 might be worth a look, but we’re not convinced that the same quality can’t be had with a lower priced solution. Flanked by a pair of omnidirectional microphones is the camera lens that captures a 78 degree field of view.

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