venezuela vs colombia war is an independent website produced by individuals who are dedicated to disseminating news and analysis about the current political situation in Venezuela (read more). Santos' response was therefore not a proper solution. Why did the fight boil over?At a meeting of American states in Washington on Thursday, the Colombian ambassador to the U.S. presented reams of evidence of rebel camps within Venezuela, demanding that Colombian officials be allowed access to the sites. Until now, remittances sent by Venezuelans abroad arrived in Venezuela without paying taxes. Could it really mean war?Chávez warned that his military could be called into action at this latest outrage.

He holds an M.S. The opposite also happens, they buy your cash and then resell it. The difficult thing is to see the whole picture of the issue, or what intellectuals call having a holistic view. Even a stupid person can understand that there is a serious smuggling crisis, carried out in collusion with the national guards and other officials in charge of customs. These inputs would have been previously acquired from the national producers, but mainly imported, and paid with the oil revenue. Many, many companies and businesses have closed, so it is difficult to get a formal job and there is a dramatic shortage in food and medicine.

This was rejected by his counterpart who declared that Colombia would never resolve those questions by the use of arms, and that courts existed instead.

Venezuela vs. Colombia: Could it mean war?

In the first place, it is important to clarify that the government of Nicolas Maduro is not a dictatorship. Finally, a national transport census was carried out to find out exactly how many cars there are in the country and where they are. With the agreement of the United States, Santos could've responded aggressively to the invasion of Bocas del Juju, thereby prompting the collapse of Nicolas Maduro's regime. Maduro argued that the territory was Venezuelan and took the opportunity to rebuke his counterpart for being one of the 14 nations that recently called for free elections in Venezuela. This being so, this is the only case in which people who had left a socialist country, return to “a dictatorship” on their own free will.

But it gets worse when the idea is that Colombia should play a role there.

Film director, producer and screenwritter.

The situation is so sad that even the brothels have disappeared, not because there are no prostitutes or gentlemen who need their services, people lack solvency to go whoring. I have yet to mention Venezuela’s gasoline, which is the cheapest in the world, and has been tremendously popular among Colombian smugglers.

Maduro's motivation is actually linked to the unresolved maritime disputes with Colombia in a different region: the Gulf of Venezuela. In spite of its declared good intentions and interesting projects in the fields of economy and social services, the “Bolivarian” government of Venezuela has not been able to consolidate most of its domestic policies.

After several years of this procedure, plus repeated – and malicious – warnings about cash shortages by opposition media, people began to hoard their cash, effectively aggravating the problem. Corbis, abruptly severed diplomatic relations between the two South American neighbors.

I highly recommend it as an indispensable source of truth, sober analysis and advocacy for activism. But, given the intellectual capacity of the masses in Colombia, who were proposed the option between peace and war, and war chose war, where they were asked to choose between transparency and corruption, and they chose corruption, it is possible that the masses succumb to the strategies of psychological warfare that are being applied.

He also blamed the United States for the recent attacks against him, in which explosive drones were used. In such a complicated economic situation and in the face of the need to survive, people resort to strategies that go against their own collective interest, such as contributing to price increases, hiding/selling cash, trading in dollars, hoarding products, and relaxing ethics by engaging in morally questionable activities like prostitution or crime.

For decades Colombia and Venezuela have held negotiations to no success over the maritime delimitations in the Gulf. In reality, after he closed the border over a year ago, his regime used a state of emergency to affect the elections of the December 6 in regions where the majority of Venezuelans oppose him. With this new measure there will be greater control over these remittances and additional income for the state.

If you are new to Venezuela or want to know background info, please see: is 100% reader funded and independent. Venezuelans who want dollars because they need to travel, or need foreign currency to buy something abroad or save money, carry their cash to Cucuta, and the bolivar bills disappear from the streets of Venezuela. An entire illegal industry has prospered, also in Cucuta. He is also blamed for the indoctrination and politicization of the military, which defines itself as “Chavista and anti-imperialist.”.

Top Colombian officials acknowledged failure of regime change in Venezuela and total disarray in Washington. If you barely have enough for half a meal, you’re not going to be able to replace your deteriorating property. Without pretending to be an economist, there are obviously ill-willed attempts that seek to disrupt Venezuela. Let’s tackle the Venezuela issue in parts.

And to avoid a crisis with Venezuela, the Colombian Armed Forces had elaborated a protocol of 10 points to be followed by every soldier stationed alongside the border. With this, he dreams of a war with Colombia. The US government also reiterated its intention to work with recently elected ultra rightist Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro on the issue of Venezuela.

According to many western critics of Venezuela’s socialist government, the cause of the humanitarian crisis is the “dictatorship” led by President Nicolas Maduro and the “21st Century Socialism” of his predecessor, the late Hugo Chavez. Ironically, given Maduro's ridiculous rhetoric, he would not survive in war more than two weeks, especially due to the financial deterioration of Venezuela.

Trump’s speech even generated laughter in the auditorium. What will happen if Maduro tries such a reckless action again in the future? Having explained all of the above, it is understandable that he believes that.

If you help depreciate the bolivar, you can buy a lot of cheap bolivars with which you can buy subsidized Venezuelan products, then smuggle them to Colombia, where you sell them at the Colombian market price. This is bad in itself, since the international system advocates the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the self-determination of peoples, condemning interventionism. There are presumably many other ways to help Venezuela overcome its humanitarian crisis and prevent its state system from failing. To then understand that for decades Colombia’s internal problems spilled over to Venezuela with phenomena such as drug trafficking, violence by illegal armed groups, extortion, kidnapping, forced displacement, and all sorts of crimes of different magnitudes.

But perhaps more importantly, the freedom with which the exchange houses of Cucuta are operating, behind which there are people or governments with a lot of money, is structurally affecting the Venezuelan economy and worsening its crisis. The Colombian government cannot continue turning a blind eye to this situation, because doing could imply criminal complicity. The smuggling of gasoline, food, medicine or any other merchandise affects both countries – because in neither of the two countries they pay taxes – but affects Venezuela more.

Right there, in “La Parada”, there are multiple money exchange businesses where transactions are made in pesos, bolivars and dollars. Venezuelan bills of 20 bolivars were imprinted with the following phrase: "the Gulf is yours, defend it.".

Maduro's popular support in his country has crumbled. ", "Venezuelanalysis has been an indispensable source for many of us for well over a decade.

It is also this country that has the largest proven reserves of oil in the world and occupies the top position in proven reserves of gas and gold. We rely on your donations to keep us online. The first batch of the Sputnik V vaccine was delivered by the Russian Investment Fund to the South American nation. Faced with this complex panorama, and in order to overcome especially food shortages, the Venezuelan government created a house-to-house supply system called CLAP (Local Supply and Production Committees), by means of which basic food supplies are delivered to people’s homes at cheap prices on a monthly or biweekly basis.

We must also remember that Venezuela received millions of Colombians who migrated there in search of better living conditions. If you sell your cash in Cucuta, Colombian money changers would buy it at 150% of its value. He has reduced parliament to a worthless body and appointed Maikel Moreno as the President of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, a man who was formerly accused of homicide, and who will be acting as Stalin's Vyshinski or Hitler's Freisler.

But in 1987 responding to pressure from Congress, Colombian President Barco ordered the ARC Caldas to patrol those disputed waters and this action nearly brought both countries to war. Much of this is due to the lack of committed, capable and even honest personnel. For over one year Colombia had not tried to assert its sovereignty over the Gulf. It is supply and demand that defines the price on the bolivar, or at least that is the official version. " has regularly provided very useful description, analysis, and commentary on developments in Venezuela, rarely available in the US".

Chilean journalist, psychologist, and writter. Meanwhile, your goods deteriorate, your shoes wear out, your underwear wears out, your pants wear out, your TV stops working. Latin America has been a region with numerous border conflicts that manifest themselves in low intensity conditions and that generally do not result result in wars. You make them a bank transfer and they give you cash. Here's a brief guide: (Watch a report about the conflict). Inside Venezuela there is a heated political debate between the followers of the ideas of Chavez or “Chavistas” and the opponents of the government. It is also true that to see that Venezuela has armed itself significantly, and possesses weapons, equipment and state-of-the-art systems, that generate sincere concerns among many, including ordinary citizens. Now, if you’re one of the mafia bosses with the power to move millions every day, you really are in big business. Cuba's President Raul Castro, center right, and Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro raise their... [+] arms during the XV Political Council of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas group, ALBA, in Havana, Cuba, Monday, April 10, 2017. This is where the problem lies, in my opinion. It should be made clear that military war has its own complexities, which we will analyze later.

Blaming Maduro for the crisis is absurd and even perverse, when you do everything possible to tie his hands and prevent him from overcoming Venezuela’s problems.

Yet in the next 24 hours, an order straight from Caracas dispatched more Venezuelan soldiers to Colombian territory. Documentary Filmmaker (“War on Democracy”) and author of Freedom Next Time (Bantam, 2006), Economist, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), Coordinator of the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee of the ANSWER Coalition, Historian, writer and filmmaker, editor at New Left Review.

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