vision quests for adults

As such, Native people now commonly use the term when describing their traditional ceremony in the English language. Every indigenous culture has incorporated elements of the vision quest into psycho-spiritual development. Our wilderness quests differ from traditional vision quests in numerous ways. With deepest respect for these age-old practices, we describe our work, what we offer, as a “wilderness quest.”. Birthplace of Geronimo, it was once home to the Apaches as well as ancient cliff-dwelling peoples who mysteriously disappeared 800 years ago. Cottonwoods, oaks, and other deciduous trees line the rivers, while ponderosa pine forests and pinion-juniper cactus zones characteristic of high desert thrive close-by. For more information on our Wilderness Quests, where we work in California and how our approach differs from a traditional vision quest, click here. Other traditions have similarly offered such practices of going out alone to fast in nature for healing and communion, including Christianity and Judaism. Many people come to Wilderness Reflections looking for a vision quest. Guides for Men’s Vision Fast: Rob Miller and Praveen Mantena Guides for Women's Vision Fast: Jenny Russell and Siri Gunnarson WHAT IS A VISION QUEST? What are the attachments in your life and how do they control you? Nature- Try It Full Strength for Amazing Results! ), we prefer to respect the sanctity of the traditional vision quest and do not use this term. An area of great geological and biodiversity. Women's New Year Nature Day: Open To Your Vision, Adv. Vision Quest is a ”rite of passage” in many Native American cultures. Hiking assessment: Moderate – about 2-1/2 miles, rolling to mostly flat. Beaver ponds and the lake’s glassy water reflect mountains and sky. The first designated wilderness in the world, this is an area of stunning variety. Sliding scale cost is $1,500 to $2,000. What parts of your life are you ready to release or bury? Apprenticeship in Somatic Ecopsychology & Wilderness Quest Guiding, The TerraSoma Approach & Somatic Immersion Practice Days, Hakomi in Nature - A DayQuest for Healing Arts Professionals, Introduction to Ecotherapy- Hybrid Online/Outdoor Class.

What are the shadow aspects in your life? Although the term “vision quest” is popularly used to describe many kinds of wilderness solo experiences (and is co-opted for art dealerships, raves, all sorts of new age workshops, etc. What keeps you from standing in your power and manifesting who you are? What gives you strength when you have been in the deepest, darkest despair? While the wilderness solo, or threshold time, is a key part of our wilderness quests, we do not follow traditional Native American quest procedures and we are not traditional Native American vision quest leaders.

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