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In addition to oil and natural gas, hydroelectric power, and fish and forest resources, Norway has reserves of ferric and nonferric metal ores. Even the southern part of the country experiences large seasonal variations in daylight; in Oslo the sun rises at 03:54 and sets 22:54 at the summer solstice, but is only above the horizon from 09:18 - 15:12 at the winter solstice. What Country is Trondheim in?

The coldest temperature ever is −51.4 °C (−60.5 °F) in Karasjok. The birch forest 1,320 metres (4,330 ft) above sea level at Sikilsdalshorn is the highest tree line in Norway. This great tradition of exploration by such explorers as Leif Erikkson and his father, Erik the Red, continued into modern times, exemplified by such men as Fridtjof Nansen, Roald Amundsen, and Thor Heyerdahl.
Bouvet Island: located in the South Atlantic Ocean at 54°S and mostly covered by glaciers, this island is one of the most remote in the world, inhabited only by seals and birds. Norwegian and Sámi are the two official languages of Norway.[252][253][254]. Most of the region is above the Arctic Circle, and much of it is filled with mountains with jagged peaks and ridges, even on the many islands. [48] This is largely attributed to the missionary kings Olav Tryggvasson and St. Olav. Fairhair ruled with a strong hand and according to the sagas, many Norwegians left the country to live in Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and parts of Britain and Ireland. Non-voting participation by Norway has been granted in, for instance, the Union's Common Security and Defence Policy, the Schengen Agreement, and the European Defence Agency, as well as 19 separate programmes.[148]. One of the most popular roads that will leave you speechless is definitely Atlantic Road. What county is Lysander NY in, Where is Niskayuna New York? In some areas, other factors overrule this, such as where the bedrock gives little nutrient, where oak and the boreal pine often share predominance. In the melting periods between ice ages, large areas were flooded by the sea because the enormous weight of the ice had depressed the land. Education follows the Bologna Process involving Bachelor (3 years), Master (2 years) and PhD (3 years) degrees.

It’s an extra deal for all wanderers!

Geography, climate and environment", "Norske steder blant de tørreste i Europa (Places in Norway among the driest in Europe)", "Climate of Norway: Temperature, Climate graph, Climate table for Norway", "Updated world map of the Koppen-Geiger climate classification", "World map of Köppen-Geiger climate classification updated", "World Weather Information Service – Bergen", "Bergen – Florida Climate Normals: Temperature 2005–2014, all other data 1961–1990", "Bergen, Norway Monthly temperature weather history", "WWF – Norway's forest heritage under threat", "25 Reasons Norway Is The Greatest Place On Earth", "Best, Worst World Heritage Sites Ranked", "Norway: come for the sun, stay for the light show", "2016 Environmental Performance Index (excel/xls)", World's Top Democratic Governments: Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index 2010 (PHOTOS), Sida/Så arbetar vi/EIU_Democracy_Index_Dec2011.pdf Democracy index 2011, Democracy Index 2013: Global Democracy At A Standstill, The Economist Intelligence Unit's Annual Report Shows, "itemid":%5b"001-81356"%5d} "Case of Folgerø and Others v. Norway", "Norway election: Erna Solberg to form new government", "Norge utvider Dronning Maud Land helt frem til Sydpolen", "Global Corruption Barometer 2013-Norway". A well-known anomaly is the 30 American alpine species, which in Europe only grow in two mountainous parts of Norway: the Dovre–Trollheimen and Jotunheim mountains in the south; and the Saltdal, to western Finnmark, in the north. Further north, large areas in the interior highlands or uplands of Trøndelag and North Norway are dominated by the NB zone, with the tree line at about 800 metres (2,600 ft) amsl in the interior of Trøndelag, 600 metres (2,000 ft) in Rana, 500 metres (1,600 ft) at Narvik, 400 metres (1,300 ft) at Tromsø, 200 metres (660 ft) at Kirkenes and 100 metres (330 ft) at Hammerfest (only pockets in sheltered areas).

The Norwegian Central Bank operates investment offices in London, New York, and Shanghai. Helle, Knut: «Ei soge om Vestlandet». Central Intelligence Agency - The World Factbook - Norway, Norway - Children's Encyclopedia (Ages 8-11), Norway - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). Norway is a country located in Northern Europe on the northern and western parts of the Scandinavian Peninsula. What county is Onondaga NY in, Where is Palm Tree New York? Norway, in long form the Kingdom of Norway, is a sovereign State of Northern Europe. Mål og meining : Ein heilskapleg norsk språkpolitikk", "Journal of Indigenous People Rights. Today the majority of ethnic Kven have little or no knowledge of the language. Norway's first female prime minister, Gro Harlem Brundtland of the Labour party, continued many of the reforms of her conservative predecessor, while backing traditional Labour concerns such as social security, high taxes, the industrialisation of nature, and feminism.

They won the prize for their groundbreaking work identifying the cells that make up a positioning system in the human brain, our "in-built GPS". Norway has an elongated shape, one of the longest and most rugged coastlines in the world, and some 50,000 islands off its much indented coastline. What county is Queensbury NY in, Where is Vestal New York? Book your tickets, plan your whole trip and explore one of the most beautiful countries from a natural and cultural standpoint. The mountain ranges have subarctic and tundra climates. If an indicted suspect is impeached, Parliament has the power to remove the person from office. Enter height or width below and click on 'Submit' Norway maps.
Johan Christian Dahl (1788–1857), originally from the Dresden school, eventually returned to paint the landscapes of western Norway, defining Norwegian painting for the first time. Other religions comprise less than 1% each, including 819 adherents of Judaism.

As a consequence of warming, summers last longer and winters are getting shorter. Gezilecek Yerler [142] The judiciary is independent of executive and legislative branches. Northern fjords: the land further north (corresponding to Nordland, Troms, and northwestern Finnmark) is again dominated by steep mountains going all the way to the coast and by numerous fjords. The longest valleys in the country are here—Østerdal and Gudbrandsdal. Harald V of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg was crowned King of Norway in 1991, the first since the 14th century who has been born in the country. A single party generally does not have sufficient political power in terms of the number of seats to form a government on its own. Norrøna Hvitserk – expeditions and adventure holidays. What county is Niskayuna NY in, Where is Le Ray New York? Norwegian merchant marine ships, often with Norwegian sailors still on board, were then sailing under the British flag and at risk of being sunk by German submarines. Fjord Tours – experience Norway in a nutshell® with one ticket. 1991. Norway is geographically positioned in both the northern and eastern hemispheres. [188] Click on the Where Is Norway Located to view it full screen. Traditionally, English, German and French were considered the main foreign languages in Norway. This area is mostly hilly, but with some very flat areas such as Lista and Jæren. Throughout the war they sent inspirational radio speeches and supported clandestine military actions in Norway against the Germans. Nemoral covers a total of 0.5% of the land area (excluding Svalbard and Jan Mayen). [17] The total number of species include 16,000 species of insects (probably 4,000 more species yet to be described), 20,000 species of algae, 1,800 species of lichen, 1,050 species of mosses, 2,800 species of vascular plants, up to 7,000 species of fungi, 450 species of birds (250 species nesting in Norway), 90 species of mammals, 45 species of freshwater fish, 150 species of saltwater fish, 1,000 species of freshwater invertebrates and 3,500 species of saltwater invertebrates. Europe's largest titanium deposits are near the southwest coast.

Some sectors, such as agriculture, oil and fish, are not wholly covered by the EEA Treaty. The northern coast of Norway would thus be ice-covered if not for the Gulf Stream. Every December Norway gives a Christmas tree to the United Kingdom as thanks for the British assistance during the Second World War. Registered 2010. Large parts of Norway are covered by mountains and high altitude plateaus, many of which also exhibit the tundra/alpine/polar climate (ET). The Vikings from Norway were most active in the northern and western British Isles and eastern North America isles. In the large areas covered by forests, the main soil has been stripped of much of its mineral content, and this has created poor agricultural land. [100][101] There are 239,057 registered islands. These ship types may have their origin as far back as the neolithic period and they continue into the Pre-Roman Iron Age, as exemplified by the Hjortspring boat.[42]. The major exception is the wide Jæren Plain, south of Stavanger. In 1854, women won the right to inherit property in their own right, just like men.

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