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In both games, he's an alien being of vast power, ready to conquer Earth by impacting people and animals as well as sending Starmen, UFOs and other robot/alien-like enemies to the protagonist. Giygas is known for being greatly unsettling in appearance, and for being inspired from a scene from a movie in which its creator assumed was a rape scene. It’s basically saying unless the details in art are obvious then they don’t have anything to do with the art unless the artist says it’s so.

that was never the point of any of this. This joke is funny because the squirrel gets dead. It makes total sense and you can clearly see a fetus. That is what matters.

It was way too literal and just grasping at straws. Even if you’ll never know if you’re totally off-base, it can be interesting. Giygas loved his adoptive parents, growing especially close to Maria, while Maria loved him as her own son. Hm, I never thought of that. And just when King of the Hill was canceled, too…! Giygas is mad that you’re making fun of him. I concede on the burden of proof.

The fact that the song weakened Giegue may have to do with the emotions he felt when remembering George and Maria. You can’t rely solely on interviews for the meaning of art, part of it can only be found in the art itself, hence why the artist chose to communicate himself that way. I’m reminded of the book Huckleberry Finn.

Oh. It’s fact. While I think the theory is interesting, I don’t really agree with it. But the burden of proof, as you put it, lies on both ends. If we are to believe that it is a fetus, then the fetus has a ‘90s haircut, and its neck is snapped in half. Part of what makes the fight so disturbing is that you’re fighting a being whose consciousness has been obliterated, something functioning solely on an animal level. Giegue was then sent by the rest of his race to stop the PSI's spread on Earth 80 years later. The entire theory is based on a supposed intentional similarity.

Sure, Giygas isn’t exactly a fetus, but a metaphorical fetus. During this time, George studied the alien's PSI powers without their permission, culminating with his sudden return to Earth. That’s like saying why should anyone think about art at all. EDIT: Yes, my feelings are hurt.

Artists don’t want to ruin that emotional connection being that they as an artist know how important it is. It’s my theory that Giygas is Paula’s mom in a future-past, alternate-universe, philosophical, super-special, magical body. (And I’m just paraphrasing here.). So many insist on being inflammatory trolls, posting souped-up pictures out of mean humor, or just generally freaking out with nothing to contribute. In the aforementioned game, his name is Giegue. wait, you love videogames enough to actually religiously post on a forum about it, and then you say art is boring?

I Yet Dont Know What Of The 2 Theorys Are Right.. HONK This site is a personal blog and is not affiliated with Nintendo, Shigesato Itoi, Brownie Brown, or any other companies. The way they see it is that if there was enough evidence to refute it then it wouldn’t be abstract.

I apologize. At the beginning of EarthBound, a young boy named Ness and his neighbors Pokey and Picky investigate a meteor that has crashed in Onett. Pokey calls him "the evil power.". If he is a fetus, congratulations on having your theory proven! The couple raised the infant Giygas as their own son, and he became especially close to Maria.

:< I think everyone just wants to figure out the truth about Giygas, and I personally think it’s a kinda fun to create wild but plausible theories and discuss them. and it just make more confusion about the giygas=ciuege teory What I take offense to is the sheer number of people trying to ridicule one side of the argument, or simply crying “Shut up! Giygas is known for being greatly unsettling in appearance, and for being inspired from a scene from a movie in which its creator assumed was a rape scene. I don’t think I was unclear in the majority of my posts though, at least the most recent ones in question. @Rash- Time is not linear when you factor in time-travel, dude. You know, it’s like those songs with lyrics that sound like utter gibberish on the surface, and yet they carry a subtle message once you realize the lyrics in combination of the piece. Maria pretty much raised Giegue/Giygas, and seeing a child in the Giygas background could be meant to recall his origins. Fits pretty well with the fact that the Giygas you fight on Mother 2 is nothing but a corrupted version of it’s previous incarnation. It’s the same as the “Paul is a dead man” urban legends; you can find it in there if you’re actively listening for it, but if you look at it practically it’s almost impossible that it was intentional. In both Japanese releases, Mother, and Mother 2, Giygas is called Gyiyg. Giygas isn’t a fetus. And it is only a theory. thanks? I like to think of Giygas as something completely different. Why, because as an artist, they understand the importance of audience interpretation since they too know what it is like being on the receiving end, so much so, that they were influenced to become artists themselves, which gives them distinction, in terms of passion, for a particular art form, from other people solely on the receiving end. I don’t see why it’s so hard to believe. Umm… I wouldn’t explicitly say that Earthbound was made for children. Honestly, if you are offended by some MSPaint scribblings, then you obviously can’t handle a forum where you are bound to disagree with somebody at one point and they might not be so nice. He walked in on the movie, "The Japanese Policeman and The Dismembered Beauty." Look, I’m sure this debate could go on forever, but….It’s a game, people. Hey, now, don’t go sticking “our” into this. If you HAVE to find philosophy in a video game about 13 year-olds beating up hippies and aliens, be my guest, but you’re still looking for the gleam in coal.

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