belgian citizenship requirements 2020

It is difficult.

While the requirements for the program are not as clearly defined, the process itself is relatively straightforward. This is for someone who likes the idea of living in Europe and plans to live there. The entire Belgian education system is both affordable and of the highest quality, making Belgium a great place for Nomad Capitalists looking for a family-friendly home in Europe.

As desirable as a Belgian passport may be, it might not be worth the drawbacks that come with Belgian citizenship. I recently told a client that he could live in Hungary full-time for the next eight years and never be naturalized. Because each municipality has its own procedures, the processing time depends on your personal circumstances and where you submit your application. Brexit is Here.

However, the simplest route is to simply start a business in Belgium. The government will also refuse applications for anyone considered to be a security risk. And even if you figure all of this out, there is always the chance that EU countries like Belgium will change their tax systems. Honestly, if you want to get citizenship in the EU, Belgium is one of my top recommendations.

Unfortunately, they’re in for a big disappointment. How much profit does the company make? Almost 60% of the population speaks Dutch, 40% speak French, and a small community in the East Cantons speaks German. In some places, you can get away with getting a second passport just for fun, but Belgium needs to be a strategic, intentional move or you’re going to come out worse than you started.

They want real businesses.

Belgium is a leader, and that’s not going to change. You will need a long-stay visa to travel to Belgium and apply for residency. A better option, if you have a Belgian bank account, or know someone who does, is to use TransferWise, and have your transfer processed using the real exchange rate with only a small transparent fee. In this case, the documents in your file do not need to be in the same national language. You will need to provide your passport, a medical certificate, and proof of your qualifications in your profession. If you are, then Belgian citizenship may just be on your horizon. It should also be noted that employees are only taxable in Belgium if the cost of their salary is paid by a Belgian company. Once granted, the permit is good for one year and can be renewed based on business performance. Sometimes called the “capital of Europe”, Belgium... Brussels is the de facto capital of Europe, and with many European institutions and global businesses based there, it’s become a hub of expat activity. It should also be noted that, compared to the European Golden Visa programs, the rules for this route to residency are much less defined and the investment amount is considerably higher (usually around €1 million). The processing time for your citizenship application depends on your personal circumstances, and where exactly your submit your application, as each municipality runs their own process. The key to qualifying is to demonstrate that the center of your social and economic interests remains outside of Belgium. Tier A countries want you to add real value to their society and economy before they’ll ever consider giving you citizenship.

Both cards can be renewed at the same time. Belgium permits dual citizenship.

Another factor in your favor is that Belgium is a multilingual nation. You could go about finding a job the typical way, interviewing with various potential employers until you find the right fit.

Once the Belgium citizenship is granted, you may then apply for a Belgian passport. Fees are payable for all routes to citizenship, although there are concessions available under some circumstances.

There is no way to live in Belgium full time and legally exempt yourself personally from taxes. If you wish to be a shareholder instead of a director of the company, you will not need a Professional Card.

How to Get Irish Citizenship by Descent from Grandparents or Great Grandparents, Don’t Miss These Discounted Caribbean Passports. As Belgium allows dual citizenship, British citizens who qualify might consider applying for Belgian citizenship to maintain access to living in the EU. Belgium’s pro-immigrant stance means that, theoretically, it will be much easier to be naturalized.

In total, the application process takes anywhere between 3-8 months. It should be noted that Belgium’s program is not like those offered in other countries where you put a couple bucks in the bank and walk away – like Panama’s Friendly Nations Visa, where company formation is a mere formality. In 2017, the annual minimum salary levels in Belgium for highly qualified workers was just over €40,000 and almost €67,000 for executives and managers. They must also be translated by a sworn translator into the language that is used by the municipality where you are applying for citizenship. If you’re a Belgian citizen, you’re also a member of the EU, and have the right to live and work freely throughout the bloc. As a citizen of Belgium you have the right to vote and be elected, and you can access government support and welfare if you need it. It is for someone willing to pay some taxes and not for someone expecting to pay zero. Required fields are marked *. As I take on higher and higher net worth clients looking to protect their businesses and wealth from an increasingly inescapable tax system in the US and other high-tax countries, Europe has become a more prominent target on our radar.
If you are just getting started working in Belgium, you will need a Belgian Work Permit B, which is granted for a set job with one employer for a limited period of time (up to one year at a time, regardless of the terms of the employment contract).

Yes, you can potentially eliminate taxes on all other foreign income by becoming a tax non-resident, but you have to apply for it properly or risk getting sucked into the tax system. Belgium has one of the best passports in the world because of the kind of country it is, not because of its political alliances. Regardless of which path you take, the first step is to apply for a long-stay visa and then to apply for Belgian residency once you are in the country. In this article, we’ll cover: Belgium is a beautiful, stable, and peaceful European country. citizenship based on naturalisation or a declaration of nationality, Application details for Belgian citizenship, the process and eligibility criteria to become a citizen. You can register as a tax non-resident when you apply for a residency permit. The steps are as follows: As explained above, anyone planning to obtain a Belgian residency must first apply for a temporary residence, also known as a long-stay visa.

For that reason, people want to have it. Belgium’s path to citizenship via residency is not for everyone, but it could be the perfect fit for you.

However, no changes will be made to the freedom of movement of British citizens to Belgium until the UK’s exit is negotiated. Belgium is an interesting option for citizenship, but the problem is that it is part of the Euro – which is politically and fiscally bankrupt. Or, you could find a friend who has a company to hire you.

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