living in thailand on $3,000 a month

report a lovely house rental outside of the moat, the most detailed budgets you’ll find for Bangkok, free local festivals that happen monthly around Northern Thailand, thorough guide to transportation in Thailand here, How to Establish a Successful Business in Thailand.

=) I think there are not more than 20 of them, but it really is, in our opinion, the best hotels and hostels in Chiang Mai. Great going so far.

I add a fresh fruit smoothie to that for a mere 30 baht and call it a meal, totaling out most nights at less than US $3 for fresh, made-to-order Thai food from smiling street food vendors. You should always be aware of your surroundings, and any place that is fine during the day could be different at night, but I generally feel very safe in many parts of the country and have walked home with friends from bars in Chiang Mai without a second thought. “How much do I need to live comfortably in Thailand?”, “Is US$3,000 a month enough to live a comfortable life there?”.

It’s cheaper compared to buying them separately. I have been looking at both Vietnam and Thailand but have been worried about the employment should I decide to stay long term.

When you ask fellow foreigners how much they pay for rent, expect to hear different answers. Can you tell me where you think is the best place to live there, for about $200 or $300? It comes down to the low cost of living paired with culture and amazing food. Also, my post on recs for the city is here:, Shannon, thanks for your great blog and good luck on your blogging. When I moved to Chiang Mai a decade ago, the city was a very different place for expats (digital nomads were scarce but retirees aplenty), and information was nonexistent about what it would actually cost to live there. I know my friend who had the year managed to get it for about 2000b for the 6+ months. However if you want a spacious trendy apartment in inner Bangkok, you eat at upscale/fancy/’nice’ restaurants and you like going to party most evenings, you would need a developed country wage after tax to be comfortable. Since I was not yet old enough to qualify for the income-based retiree visa, I did the the tourist visas and the border runs mentioned in the quick facts section above.
There is no shortage of great movie theaters in Thailand. If you’re dining at McDonald’s, KFC, or Taco Bell, expect to pay around 100-200 baht per meal. When we asked our team how much they spend per day when vacationing in Thailand, they answered somewhere between 1,000-1,500 baht per day per person.

My partner and I were exploring the possibility of moving to Samui. Can I recommend our favorite hotels and hostels? The rents in expatland are high mainly because of foreigners especially Japanese salarymen. Living in Thailand comes down to two things: your baseline costs (fixed monthly expenses), and your personal lifestyle, which you add onto the top of those costs. For readers information has LOTS of first hand answers on this topic from Expatriate teachers in Thailand, worth a look even if you are not a teacher !! Here's what it covers and costs, and how insurance can help.

Much appreciated!!!
Thaipod101 is a great way to learn Thai online, no matter where you are in the world. But in popular districts like Silom or Siam Square, the same meal may cost 70-90 baht. On the other end, you can go bare bones in Bangkok and live in the $400 range (My friend Mark was living on less than $300 a month in 2011), but that’s going to be tough. Some keep it turned on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week — that’s guaranteed to jack up your electricity bill. I don’t need to work but volunteering sounds good. It’s interesting for anyone considering moving there to see how a $600 monthly budget in Chiang Mai compares to a higher budget in Bangkok—Karsten gets a lot for that much money. Although I am not sure, really, and his breakdown is unclear.

Transportation is such that you can either use the shared open taxi-trucks, or you can buy a bicycle (one friend does this to get around) or even a motorbike–the city is small enough that a bike is a great option if you’re fit enough for it. To make this travel life work, I needed to lower my cost of living to keep in line with my online income. Arount Thapae Gate: De Chai the Deco Hotel, Tamarind Village, 5 star 137 Pillars House and The Dhara Devi (I like their cakes so much, but they also have an excellent hotel), Also, very good guesthouses in Old city: Green Tiger Vegetarian House, Pissamorn House, Thongran’s House and Baan Siwali, Thank you for sharing Cat! Fill out this form and we will put you in touch with someone that meets all three criteria. My stories span the globe and I’ve been traveling and expat-ing steadily since 2008. As you said, you only live once, so embrace the adventure, and I wish you so much luck on the trip. I have read things that lead me to believe my being married to a Thai national somehow makes it easier for me to gain permanent Thai residence, without having to make border runs, blah, blah, blah. The cost of healthcare in Thailand is the most unpredictable out of all expenses. I usually send people to the Thai Visa forum to ask there since I haven’t lived in Thailand long enough to have a lot of the hurdles like taxes, visas, businesses, etc., all figured out.

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