britain vs germany war

When France fell with such rapid speed in June 1940 ten months after the outbreak of World War Two and six weeks after German invasion, Germany believed it had achieved an unprecedented triumph in the most extraordinary conditions. He was told of the difficulty in obtaining barges suitable to carry invasion troops and about the problems of massing troops and equipment while the German navy argued for the invasion front to be reduced from the proposed 200 miles (from Lyme Regis in the west to Ramsgate in the east) and for a postponement of the invasion until May 1941. On the last day of July Hitler held a meeting at the Berghof.

Hitler appeared to agree with von Runstedt when, on 14 August - the day after he had agreed a narrower invasion front - Hitler told his generals that he would not attempt to invade Britain if the task seemed too dangerous. There was no strategic value to that (for either side) and while Hitler was bombing cities, the British factories were able to keep making planes, and flying them from the unbombed air fields. The attack group of the 9th Army (Part of Army Group A) was to leave from Le Havre and land in the Brighton-Worthing area of Sussex. The Germans on the other hand can just take their time and build an overwhelming naval and air force to conduct Operation Sea Lion as and when they see fit. What are the targets? Germany now has access to their resources, oil fields and Hitler decides to have one final go at conquering Britain.

When the build-up was complete the panzers of the Brighton-Worthing assault group would attack towards Basingstoke, Newbury and Oxford to secure crossing points over the Thames and to encircle and isolate London and the southeast in a great pincer movement. But Britain's coastal defences were not dismantled. Bailing out the Italians in North Africa. By now the Germans should most likely be able to gain air superiority to the point of at least considering launching an invasion. Britain had a strong leader that wanted the Brits to resist so much that it would be remembered in the history books. German learned in WW ONE that it could not win a two front war. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today.

If it gets all its imperial forces (Not mention full strength navy, airforce and a enourmousl resource advantage) every round goes in Britain's favour.

Germany 9/10 and 10/10. Still the Brits just got away with putting in near inhumane effort.

This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. Dan is a frequent contributor to The Architects' Journal and The Architectural Review and is author of Life in The Georgian City and The Guide to the Georgian Buildings of Britain and Ireland. On 23 July, the force became known as the Home Guard, after Churchill coined the phrase during a BBC broadcast. The German V1 and V2 rockets were very difficult for Britain to deal with even when the allies were winning, if Germany had uncontested control of France London would easily be leveled by them. Had an argument with my friend whether or not Germany could beat Britain in a total war during WW2. R1: Very possible, as at this point tank warfare had not evolved to the level that allowed for Blitzkrieg. Who's at the control of nuclear button? While the Allies had blister agents and mustard gas and the like from WW ONE, Germany had go on and developed a whole new group of chemical agents, nerve agents. By 25 June, Ironside's anti-invasion plan was complete and presented to the War Cabinet as Home Forces Operations Instruction Number 3. The v1 and v2 rocket programs were massively ineffective and expensive and were basically only terror weapons.

The raf inflicted lots of casualties on germ af due to better planes and better pilots.  ©

Just suppose that, every time a war broke out, all the diplomats and soldiers involved were hanged. During August, as the stop-lines were nearing completion, the Luftwaffe's battle for the control of the air over England and the channel continued. This was a puzzling state of affairs for the Germans who now had two options: to lay siege to Britain and to wear it down physically and psychologically through limited military action and through political and propaganda warfare, which would include the threat or bluff of invasion; or to actually invade. Does that include the War Germany had with Russia? But to Germany's surprise, Britain, although apparently defeated and certainly painfully exposed and isolated, did not surrender. The numbers would have looked. The Soviet Union had a non-agression pact with Germany, not an alliance. When will nuclear war start? The beachs were heavily fortified and there was a secret weapon called the flame fougasse which would of burned soldiers alive while also destroying tanks. It was immediately clear that this could not even be attempted until the Royal Navy - still one of the most formidable fighting forces in the world - had been either destroyed or diverted and after the Royal Air Force had been eliminated. I believe that they would have eventually taken Russia even if it took them 2 more years. It prevented everyone in the chain of command from making decisions as they were forced to wait for orders from above. The Final Solution. Sure the Germans can try the same thing with U-boats but I think the UK would win a technological race to be able to detect U-boats over Germany building stealthy enough U-boats to avoid that.

RAF Air Defence Radar Museum. The remaining German forces, located around the Medway and on the Thames estuary, would then thrust towards London - the ultimate target of the invasion force. R5: Well the British had their own fight jet by 1945 as well, and the Maus was just a massive waste of money, but still same as R4.

Had they used those the Allies would have had no counter as there was no known antidote. In 1944 Britain's defences against sea-borne attack were scaled down. A meeting on 7 August revealed irreconcilable differences: 'I utterly reject the Navy's proposals [for landing on a narrow front],' exclaimed General Halder. It did not even seek to come to terms with Germany. If the officer in charge was killed, the troops stopped and waited for new orders. C'mon. ROUND 1: In 1937 prior to Germany annexing Austria and Czechoslovakia, Britain decides to attack Germany for militarization and violation of the peace treaty of WW1. However blockades are much harder (read: impossible) to maintain if all the rest of the world is neutral. Thoughts on whether they should be included or not and whether they would have any impact?

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