crowded house albums ranked

Not only is it my favorite Crowded House album, it's also one of my all-time favorites. How do you rank them? I think Time on Earth is maybe the most inconsistent album, but it's peaks lifted out into 2nd for me. I’ve covered the Finn Brothers solo and duo material on a seperate page. AfterglowI know this album is outside the criteria, but I'm taking the opportunity to show how highly I rate it. 1991, 8/10Woodface is a combination of two separate recording projects; an attempt at a third Crowded House album, and Neil Finn’s collaboration with his older brother Tim. Well, almost every; if somebody would like to hook me up with the Time On Earth b-sides (Stare … The other thing is that there some great tunes left off any full album, excluding compilations e.g. 5/10. That said, Neil Finn’s music has always been strongly rooted in the song aesthetics of the sixties; I have always seen him as a ‘giant standing on the shoulders of giants‘. This forum software won't let us charge less than $40/year... sorry! Crowded HouseAttending the Sydney concert in November, hearing the crowd recite every word to the classics from this album reinvigorated my appreciation for them after years of repeated listens had admittedly worn off some of the magic for me. August 2020 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs . August started off with a bang on purchases. There aren’t any major classics hiding here, but the more relaxed atmosphere helps to bring out a less starched version of the band, which does a lot to compensate. But I also rate Time on Earth very highly. In reality, there's a Finn track for every mood or every hour so why choose? Temple of Low Men, an Album by Crowded House. TOLM is superb from start to finish in terms of songwriting and performance, but suffers a little from the production style, which isn't to my taste. Overview ↓ Biography ↓ Discography ↓ Songs ↓ Credits ↓ Related ↓ Share on facebook; twitter; tumblr; Album Highlights. This artist is rated in the top 17% of all artists on Crowded House is a little generic in places, and the songs are less nuanced and interesting then Finn’s later work. The second average might be more trusted because there is more consensus around a particular rating (a lower deviation). 6. Manage Profile), Please log in or register if you want to be able to add a comment. Location: Alexandria VA. We're not a non-profit (we're out of Deb's pocket), so you can't write it off. For what it's worth, I'd put Afterglow second. Then right after TOLM, he began writing with Tim for their aborted Finn Brothers album, so there's no real purity in either their first album or Woodface as "Crowded House albums" and by TA, he was already starting to think about a solo career and working with Tim on the first official released Finn Brothers album. There are three new songs, although only the rhythmic ‘Instinct’ is comparable with their best work. Its a good thing! Breaking up Split Enz, Neil Finn retained drummer Paul Hester from the final Enz lineup and created a more streamlined band. –1970s 1. 1988, 8.5/10Crowded House’s second album is a significant step forward from their first, even though it failed to match the impact of its predecessor. Showing latest 5 ratings for this album. If they had dropped Fame Is and Italian Plastic, it would be much stronger (IMHO), but the level of songwriting and performance on Woodface is staggeringly good. It has an innate quality about it - atmospheric, great tunes, a band on fire. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers The top rated tracks by Crowded House are Don't Dream It's Over, Weather With You, Fall At Your Feet, Four Seasons In One Day and Weather With You.This artist appears in 616 charts and has received 1 comment and 39 ratings from site members. ‘World Where You Live’ is an excellent hooky pop song, and there are also enjoyable pop songs like ‘Can’t Carry On’ and ‘Now We’re Getting Somewhere’. A classic album of the 80's. One of my personal all-time favourites! The title track is amazing, and Nails In My Feet is possibly my favourite ever song by Neil. It doesn’t feel like Crowded House, but Intriguer is one of Neil Finn’s best records of the 21st century. Contrairement à la très bonne réputation du groupe aux antipodes, États-Un… When you block a person, they can no longer invite you to a private message or post to your profile wall. Other particularly poignant tracks include the single ‘Distant Sun’ (“I don’t pretend to know what you want/But I offer love.”), ‘Nails in My Feet’ and the gentle ‘Fingers of Love’. I even love 'Skin Feeling' which doesn't seem to get much recognition. I'm in the U.S, and my ranking is: Honestly, it's a virtual tie between the first three. ), so don't insist, Woodface was my first foray into CH but after seeing them live on the Woodface tour I soon brought the earlier material and Mansion in the Slums has always been my best ever track. Le retour du groupe s'effectue en 2006. The opener ‘Chocolate Cake’ is awkward, and effectively killed their American career with the line “the excess of fat on your American bones”, while ‘There Goes God’ is also controversial, but stronger musically. I actually just don't like this at all. | Show all 175 ratings for this album. Crowded House is a music album by Crowded House released in 1986. Many thanks for your support these 14+ years of this discussion forum! Double J’s Best Australian Debut Albums. Showing latest 5 ratings for this artist. Even though I voted for "Tenple", I'm shocked at how little love the debut's getting. While I do really like a some of these songs (Heaven That I'm Making, Silent House and People Are Like Suns), all the others sort of blur into one. Top-rated track as rated by members. Sa carrière est entamée en 1985 et terminée, dans un premier temps, en 1996. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It's a great album, not bad songs. Crowded House are a rock band, formed in Melbourne, Australia, in 1985. Last by a long shot. (*In practice, some artists can have several thousand ratings) While I can understand a human need to want to delineate and put things in neat categories, the Finn's by words and actions defy this categorization consistently since day one. “Private Universe“ and “Distant Sun“ are examples of stellar songwriting, both combining deeply personal musings with straight-pop accessability. The word play of ‘I Love You Dawn’, which alternates between referring to the dawn and Finn’s wife, whose middle name is conveniently Dawn, is also gorgeous, while ‘Time Immemorial’ is a pretty waltz. Woodface. But boy did they manage to follow it up again and again and again. sprawling discussions that can branch out into interesting places. Typical '80's pop-rock sound and nothing remarkable apart from that wonderful hit. Are they considered CH, Neil solo, or Finn Brothers simply because that's who ended up recording them, when his original intent for the songwriting, itself, was just to write good songs and explore his craft - without any real gameplan for where they will end up? The near perfect Together Alone is easily the most stunning project that Neil Finn has been involved in. Time On Earth. 4. Anyone Can Tell, Recurring Dream, Only Way To Go Is Forwards... It’s been very interesting reading everyone’s ranking. As a compilation, it may or may not lack the flow of the other albums, but I wouldn't know- I rarely listen to albums start to finish. However, ratings of 55, 50 & 45 could also result in the same average. Styles and sound changes so much from song to song that they sound like different bands are performing them. Most of them are songs recorded in a studio not as demos and not included on any other album...just my opinion. Here is every Crowded House album ranked, from excellent to sublime. Together Alone - as best album ever from anybody. Time On Earth is hit and miss for me, but I LOVE Silent House, Say That Again, English Trees and A Sigh. I don't care what the average person says, this is a masterpiece. Outliers can be removed when calculating a mean average to dampen the effects of ratings outside the normal distribution. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Australian group that crafted sophisticated, melodic pop with transparent production for several international hits during the 1980s. The debut album has these singles, but it could have been produced better (especially since I have listened to the deluxe version with that load of fresh ideas). No album track is anywhere near their level for me. Speaking of the deluxe version... how good are Beautiful Life and Two Minutes Of Silence?? Everything non-singles in this album sort of blurs into one for me. Even though it doesn’t feel like Crowded House, Intriguer is a clear rebound from a couple of sleepy Finn albums like Everyone Is Here and Time on Earth. Neil's solo home demos of unreleased songs on all the CH reissues are now Crowded House songs only because he released them on CH reissues, when he could have just as easily saved them and recorded them on solo albums at any point. 4 - Crowded House. The mean average rating would be 50. Woodface - this album has nearly as many 10's as TA, but it's got more tracks and not all of them are 10's. It features the same core lineup – Matt Sherrod along with Finn, Seymour, and Hart – but it’s full of guests. Album Review; The Albums Ranked; The Original vs The Cover; About; Tag: Crowded House. Well, right now, I'm not sure what extra perks we can offer. Go long! It feels much more of a band effort than Time On Earth and I would love another Crowdies V.2 album, even if it's Afterglow 2. Very interesting. If an album is 'missing' that you think deserves to be here, you can include it in your own chart from the My Charts page! The thing I like about it the most is the change in production. 10/10, I feel that Woodface and Together Alone are almost the same level. Many fans, along with Neil Finn himself, would nominate the surreal ‘Private Universe’ as their favourite Crowded House recording. La liste de leurs plus célèbres chansons comprend Don't Dream It's Over, Something So Strong, Better Be Home Soon, Fall at Your Feet, Weather with You et Distant Sun. This is the same ranking as the Split Enz albums. (*In practice, some albums can have several thousand ratings) Ten Favourite Crowded House Songs. I like this post. As a consequence, ToE and Intriguer hold a place in my heart because they were the first time the band and I were "current." Singles ; Albums; Date Title, Artist Peak Pos WoC Wks No 1 Chart Facts; 16.05. I feel like Together Alone got a lot of acclaim when it came out, but it a little forgotten now. Replies and comments they make will be collapsed/hidden by default. There’s an alternate version of ‘Private Universe’ from Together Alone, and ‘Left Hand’ turned up on the live disc from Recurring Dream, but the rest of these songs are appearing for the first time on a long player. All rights reserved. If you’re a sceptic, at least give Together Alone a chance – Youth’s unorthodox production techniques and the wild New Zealand landscape bring the best out of the band, and parts of the record are rawer and more beautiful than anything else in their catalogue.

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