mountain valley horse rescue

We've helped hundreds of horses find happy new beginnings. Some of these donations come from horse adoptions. Logo image reproduced with express written permission from artist, Gail Guenther. It is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to equine rescue, rehabilitation and placement of horses in need. My name is Spanish because I’m a Colonial Spanish Horse – America’s first horse. MVHR is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused, neglected, and abandoned horses. My intelligence, gentle and inquisitive spirit sets my breed apart from today’s modern breeds. Despite our strengths, my breed was considered too small for cavalry work.

John Fusco’s 2004 film, Hidalgo, starring Viggo Mortensen tells the story of Frank Hopkins and his Colonial Spanish Horse “Hidalgo” as they endure a grueling 3,000-mile endurance race across the Arabian Desert. Their lives are precious! Organization History. That, coupled with our ties to Native American and Mexican cultures, contributed to our decline as we were replaced by larger horses that belonged to the dominant Anglo culture. All horses have been evaluated by a vet, are up to date on vaccinations, coggins test and dental care. I proudly come from the Baca Chica Farm in New Mexico, where I was born. Mountain Valley Horse Rescue Mountain Valley Horse Rescue is a nonprofit organization with the mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abused, neglected, abandoned, and unwanted horses.

A massive decline of my population followed in the 1900s when many of us were shot and killed, to be replaced by modern day breeds. A little trivia:  Did you know the word road is derived from the fact that before there were cars, horses were human’s mode of transportation and guess what, you “rode” us – hence the term “road”.

MVHR rescued its first horses in 2004, and became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2005. The amount of training varies per horse and the adoption fees are scaled according to training level and ability.The link to download an adoption application can be found below.

The farm is home to the largest herd of purebred Colonial Spanish Horses in the northeast and devoted to promoting, training and preserving my remarkable breed. They partnered with us, lived, laid beside and ate with us, took care of us in battle, and died for us. My name is Hita which means “Little Girl” in Spanish. , Young Guns and Young Gun 2, Thunderheart, , starring Viggo Mortensen tells the story of Frank Hopkins and his Colonial Spanish Horse “, ” as they endure a grueling 3,000-mile endurance race across the. MVHR also works to reduce cases of equine abuse and neglect through education and outreach. under the care of Stephanie Lockhart, a Colonial Spanish horse preservationist, trainer, and manager of Red Road Farm. is an historical place in its own right as the farm sits directly on the Camino Real. Crane Mountain Valley Horse Rescue, Inc. receives the Humanitarian Award for "unique devotion to humanitarian service, promoting human welfare and advancing social reform" at Emma Willard School's distinguished alumnae award ceremony. The horse who played Hidalgo in the movie is my friend, Oscar, who lives at Red Road Farm. As a not-for-profit organization, Crane Mountain Valley Horse Rescue, Inc. is funded by charitable donations. Having an adoption application on file is required to set up an appointment to visit the farm and meet the horses we have available for adoption. We never know when the call will come -- whether it's law enforcement asking for our assistance in a cruelty investigation or someone asking for help rehoming their horse -- we just know that the call will come. I stand at a regal 14.2 hands with long slender legs, a characteristic of my rare bloodlines. Today, only a few thousand remain of my genetically unique breed that once numbered in the millions.In the past 50 to 60 years there have been many dedicated people doing their part to preserve my breed with as pure blood as when the conquistadors brought us to America from Spain. PRESERVING THE HERITAGE OF THE HORSEAMERICA'S FIRST HORSETHE COLONIAL SPANISH, Hi. To them, we owe great thanks for giving us our heritage. Efforts to save the Colonial Spanish Horse can be attributed to a select group of individuals throughout history including Frank Hopkins. Having an adoption application on file helps us make connections when those calls come in. We believe that horses are proud and beautiful creatures with unique personalities.

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