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At Fight the Power, Samoan Gangstas Party (L.A. The Mass Transit incident was an infamous event in professional wrestling that occurred at an Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) house show on November 23, 1996 at the Wonderland Ballroom in Revere, Massachusetts. He also claimed that he was trained by the late Killer Kowalski, something else that wasn’t true. When you see the throw, you will understand that this was not just another dangerous pro wrestling spot; it looked like New Jack was trying to murder this man. He had been dishonest with Heyman, not only about his ring experience but his age as well. New Jack also detailed the 1996 incident where he cut wrestler Mass Transit's head badly, which caused 50 stitches and two severed arteries. On April 5, 2013 at Pro Wrestling Syndicate's Super Card 2013 Night 2, New Jack defeated Necro Butcher in his official retirement match. Disclaimer, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Disclosure, The Pro Wrestling Stories Podcast to Return in the Fall (2020), Raven in WWE – Where Did It All Go Wrong? New Jack never held back his thoughts about Kulas, before or after the incident. He’s 17!” It was at this point where medics in attendance rushed to the ring to care for the injured teenager. Kulas’s gimmick at the time was Mass Transit, a parody of Jackie Gleason’s character Ralph Kramden in The Honeymooners.

Marc Madison is a contributor for Pro Wrestling Stories as well as editor-in-chief for the website Pro Wrestling Post. The Mass Transit incident, He cut the guy so much that the guy could have bled to death and he later did die which his family claim was a result from depression stemming from New Jack, Stabbing another wrestler William Jason Lane 9 times with a real knife, I'm puzzled as to why he wasn't charged with attempted murder, A few short years after their court case, Kulas passed away at the age of 22 due to complications from gastric bypass surgery. It includes several interviews with people who worked closely with New Jack such as Jim Cornette, The Sandman, D-Lo Brown, and ECW security. Had the Mass Transit incident not taken place, ECW’s pay-per-view provider wouldn’t have pulled the plug on the company’s inaugural Barely Legal event.

Heyman revealed that Kulas’ credentials were endorsed by a notable midget wrestler, known as Tiny the Terrible, who supported his claim that he was trained by Kowalski. Kulas not only didn’t have the experience that he claimed to have, but he also didn’t have any experience at all. The following month, at Hardcore Heaven, Dudley Boyz were returned the titles via forfeit due to Saed's departure. New Jack and the rest of The Gangstas used nightsticks to lay a vicious bloody beating on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

[9], Gangstas began pursuing the ECW World Tag Team Championship and entered into a rivalry with the tag team champions The Eliminators (John Kronus and Perry Saturn) and received several title shots against Eliminators but came up short. [29] At CyberSlam, Jack teamed with Hardcore Chair Swingin' Freaks (Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney) against Mustafa and the Dudley Boyz in an Ultimate Jeopardy match in a losing effort.

In January, Jack was eliminated in battle royal by White Mike but went on to defeat Mike in a singles match. I’m the wrong nigga to fuck with.”. D-Lo Brown was a member of The Gangstas, and he said it was very uncomfortable seeing how freely racial slurs were thrown around at them during this time. In early 1994, he paired up with former WCW enhancement talent Mustafa Saed and formed The Gangstas, and won NGWA Tag Team Championship in July 1994, but quickly vacated them, as they left the territory. He was found not guilty, and he partially credits Paul Heyman with that for expertly “working the shit” out of the judge, district attorney, and jurors while testifying on the witness stand. Something happened.

[citation needed], Gangstas lost the World Tag Team Championship back to Eliminators on the January 4, 1997 episode of Hardcore TV, ending their reign at 139 days. After the match, Jack drove Mustafa through a table with a diving splash from the top of the cage. It was also revealed that Eric’s father had screamed, “He’s only 17!” and, “Take it easy on him. There was another incident in March 2000 at ECW’s Living Dangerously pay-per-view, where New Jack’s skull was cracked open, his leg was broken, and his eyesight was permanently damaged as a result of a botched fall off some scaffolding, in a spot involving Vic Grimes. Since the event wasn’t televised, the promotion hoped that what took place might fly under the radar.

Why would he lie knowing New Jack doesn't care.

“But the kid panicked and started screaming … The kid was bleeding pretty bad, but it was from the forehead, which always looks bad, but it is not life-threatening.”. He also thought it was ironic how Extreme Championship Wrestling was seen as violent and dangerous wrestling when he was working there and still only one person died under New Jack's time with the company, whereas WWE was "averaging three a year.

He was big, about 400 pounds, a fat white kid, about 5-foot-9, a big blubbery guy from Rhode Island. The segment painted ECW in a negative light, and in the process, alienated ECW’s pay-per-view provider, Request TV. Despite this, a police officer who was recording the incident stated that it looked like it went "past a routine wrestling match."

On August 8, 2010, New Jack appeared at TNA's ECW reunion show, Hardcore Justice, where he and Mustafa assaulted Team 3D and Joel Gertner after a match.[44]. Aspiring 350-pound (158.7 kg) wrestler Eric Kulas, who performed as a Ralph Kramden-esque bus driver gimmick named "Mass Transit", convinced Extreme Championship Wrestling president and booker Paul Heyman to allow him to fill in for Axl Rotten by lying that he had been trained by Killer Kowalski. Referees called off the match, and New Jack disappeared from the air for many months.

What Kulas wanted was to be accepted and respected by his peers. Rumor Roundup: Strowman vs. Sullivan, free agent moves, original Wyatt plans, more! In 2001 and 2002, he wrestled for XPW, and in 2003, he made multiple appearances with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and also Combat Zone Wrestling, competing in Cage of Death V.[citation needed] .

Rotten was replaced with "Mass Transit" Eric Kulas, an untrained seventeen-year-old who convinced booker Paul Heyman that he was twenty-one and had been trained by the veteran Killer Kowalski.

While it could be said that the company moved past this event, it was forever entrenched as a part of ECW’s history. He then spoke about being arrested over the incident and the court case that followed. New Jack announced his retirement on XPW's A Cold Day To Hell in 2008 though he continued working independent shows. He’s white. He was working the s*** out of them.

But the footage was available through ECW’s ‘FanCam.’ During the video, New Jack could be heard, after cutting Kulas, asking, “You alright?” which led some to believe that his response was part of the match. Simpson is just one of many ways he crossed the line. [33] At the 2000 Guilty as Charged pay-per-view, Jack lost a singles match to Angel due to interference by Da Baldies. The company was gearing up for its inaugural pay-per-view event, Barely Legal, but as a result of the Mass Transit incident, Request TV canceled the broadcast. As the match drew to a close, New Jack held the prone Kulas by the head and cut him across the forehead using the surgical scalpel.

However, Kulas’ bleeding had a profound effect on both him and ECW.

Graduating from Kowalski’s school was no easy feat, and Heyman had a good experience with wrestlers from Kowalski.

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