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Upon acceptance, the student will be provided an enrollment agreement posted within their online Academy account. She feels OK with it all until Becky Jackson steamrolls over her with her own ambitious plan: to be named prom queen. Rachel runs into Jesse St. James, who taunts her by somehow knowing that she's scanning the arriving crowd for Carmen Tibideaux in hopes that she'll get a second shot at getting into the arts college. When Kurt admits that he's torn about the song choice, Rachel says she believes in his chances with "Phantom" enough that she'll be his leading lady in the number.

Tibideaux is irritated with her for repeatedly taking her time away from other students - she wants to know why Rachel would think she's so much more special than anyone else. Tina-as-Rachel performs Celine Dion's Because You Loved Me, wowing her fellow students and earning her a standing ovation - her first. Leader of Adam's ApplesGraduated prior to New New York, Current StudentFormerly rejected in Goodbye Graduated in Dreams Come True. After the graduation ceremony, Rachel, Finn, and Kurt gather in the music room to open their letters, even as Finn tries to delay the moment that will determine their futures. As he tries to get under her skin, she points out that they dated long enough to know that when Jessie gets nervous he gets mean. Meanwhile, Kurt announces that he'll be running for class president. And he says that Carmen Tibideaux will show up, then they'll get married, smash the glass, and live happily ever after. Tuition ranks 67th in New York amongst 2 year colleges for affordability and is the most expensive 2 year college in the state. Tibideaux responds by recalling Jesse's audition with "Giants in the Sky", a flawed but passionate and admirable attempt at what may be Stephen Sondheim's most challenging song. It is the policy of the Academy not … But Rachel warns him in that joining a show choir can be a result of social and career suicide.

Blaine and Rachel meet in the Lima Bean to catch up with each other's lives. (estimated cost if student enrolls in coverage plan)*. Interested in The American Academy of Dramatic Arts–New York? Rachel convinces him that he doesn't need any of that, and his emotional performance succeed in earning him enthusiastic applause. Three days after proposing to Rachel, Finn is getting anxious for an answer. They rehearse together to Sheryl Crow's A Change Would Do You Good and share a romantic moment but stop short of kissing. Rachel is rehearsing at NYADA when Elliott interrupts her, in order to give her a few things. Kurt and Rachel move into a roomy loft outside the city while Kurt plots his future: prepping to re-audition for NYADA's winter semester, he hopes to land a job at fashion site Vogue.com. While she'll be heading to New York, he's going to serve in the Army. Recounting the legendary tale of how in Cassie's big Broadway moment as Lola in "Damn Yankees," she assaulted an audience member who forgot to silence his cell phone mid-performance, Kurt urges Rachel not to give in: "If she wants sexy, give her sexy." When the boys pull her out of the water, she revives and is taken aback when Blaine appears to have morphed into Puck and Kurt has turned into Finn - but still wearing the same clothes and acting like Blaine and Kurt. Kurt's tempted to return to Lima for the musical, but neither he nor Rachel are sure it's the right thing to do after their fractured romances with Blaine and Finn. Find tuition, program, and student life information for American Academy of Dramatic Arts-New York at US News. The signed agreement and a non-refundable, non-transferable tuition deposit of $750 are due to secure class placement. After his song, Rachel tells Kurt and Finn that she called NYADA and discovered that the acceptance and rejection letters have been sent out. Shortly into the song, she blows a lyric, then loses her composure and stumbles again. Every student is required to perform. As they prepare for Kurt's audition, Rachel reveals which educator NYADA has sent to evaluate them: Carmen Tibideaux, one of the school's most acclaimed - and infamous - alumni. As the crowd noise fades out in her ears, Rachel takes center stage for her solo, belting out a powerful rendition of Celine Dion's It's All Coming Back to Me Now. After her disastrous audition for the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts, Rachel believes that her dream of Broadway stardom is at an end. It is the number one school in the nation for musical theatre and the current education for Kurt Hummel and Brody Weston.

When Rachel reveals that she and Finn are over, Brody vows not to hook up with Cassandra again and even offers to cook Thanksgiving dinner for Rachel and Kurt. Tina gives her the advice from her body-switching fantasy: Rachel should go see the instructor in person. Tuition and fees for each program are outlined below.

After attending some of Rachel's classes, Finn sees that she's finally found the place she belongs and worries that there's no room for him in her new world. Sam said Blaine auditions at NYADA and he crushed it. She suggests staying closer to home, but they insist on taking a risk and moving to New York, so Emma proposes that they try the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts, a highly competitive school that's hosting a mixer for prospective students in Dayton. Still, something pushes Rachel to offer to make dinner for Brody the following night. Ultimately, he volunteers to go first: he didn't get into the Actor's Studio. Rachel reveals that she's yet to hear back from Carmen Tibideaux. Rachel asks Brody to be her tango partner in dance class; despite Cassie's ban on upperclassmen, Brody agrees to help her. Next up, New Directions delivers Meat Loaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Light. But when Rachel calls Brody, Cassandra answers the phone, cruelly spelling out how she set out to teach Rachel a lesson about overreaching. We use cookies to personalize and improve your browsing experience. The rules are as followed: 1 song at a time, 2 singers per song, and singing flat is an automatic loss. In this episode, Kurt starts to realize that NYADA relates more to high school with the cliques and pecking order. Rachel is also worried that - unlike her own choice of Don't Rain on My Parade, which she's been singing since she was two years old - Kurt doesn't have time to properly rehearse his performance. She insists that something's been missing in her life since they parted, and she's determined not to let him go. * Rates are subject to change annually. While Rachel seems to pay more attention with her relationship with Brody, Kurt tries to make new friends through extracurricular activities, where he shows his interests in NYADA's show choir, Adam's Apples. When Kurt asks her if she's told Finn yet, Rachel's joy turns to apprehension as she realizes the situation she's put herself in.

Rachel's worried they'll lose it all, but Finn is confident he'll double their money. Rachel urges Tibideaux to come see her nationals performance in Chicago, where Tibideaux is also performing, because there's nothing Rachel is better at or loves more than singing.

At NYADA, Cassie bars Rachel from tango instruction when the class is a boy short, but Rachel insists on participating so she may one day play Evita or Roxie Hart. The American Academy of Dramatic Arts–New York has been sent. The audience's enthusiastic reception doesn't help Rachel from noticing that Tibideaux's seat remains empty. Note: The following list only denotes the singer at NYADA and not any additional singers in the song.

As her audition for the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts draws near, Rachel is determined to be prepared and laser-focused. Students who do not want to enroll in the medical insurance plan should

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