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", Finn started out designing lighting for Split Enz and Crowded House concerts before turning it into her own creative outlet. startxref The Gilded Cage, which opens today in Sydney, is a collection of stunning chandeliers, detailed jewellery and decorated female forms. 0000018386 00000 n . THE first time Sharon Finn thought of taking up music, it was more than 30 years ago and she was still Sharon Johnson. When they'd listen back to the late-night jam sessions, the couple's acid test was whether they found themselves dancing to the groove or not (Sharon is a great dancer, Neil says, but he's uncoordinated). ". Ranging in price from $5000 to $26,900, Finn's works can be found in the homes of Kate Hudson, Jimmy Barnes, Jenny Morris, and, not surprisingly, the home she and Neil share. Photo / Herald on Sunday, SYDNEY - After years working behind the scenes supporting her rockstar husband Neil Finn, Sharon Finn is stepping into the spotlight to launch her first exhibition of unashamedly "girly" artworks. For the past year, she has worked towards the show, shaping chicken wire into bodices and cages, "scratching myself to pieces in the process". "I'll use whatever tickles my fancy at the time," she says. 0000018117 00000 n It wasn't a song but it was good. Dubai 0000013356 00000 n ''It made a fresh architecture to write songs on, which is really amazing,'' he says. 0000005028 00000 n For the…. View the profiles of people named Sharon Finn. As the deadline approached, she recruited the same friends to help thread beads and shape wire. "I've always been in the background, which is fine by me," she said. Body Clock. ''I love going out but I like drinks at five, food at seven and bed at 11pm.''. ''Nothing is good without risk.''. Sharon Finn has pursued art as a hobby and sometime career. "We really respect each other's work and support each other," she said. If they did they started working on the songs, sometimes together and at other points with Sharon as Neil's editor. ''It's a huge step for me because I've been watching Neil and then my kids all these years and I really enjoyed being on the side without the anxiety … Now I understand how terrifying it can be but it won't be terrifying forever.''. "Actually we've got a really crappy one in the bathroom at the moment, to tell you the truth." ''I don't belong on drums and Sharon hadn't previously belonged on bass, although she does now,'' Neil says. ", Finn's collection celebrates femininity, featuring chandeliers and busts embellished with clocks, birds and buttons. 0000000016 00000 n 0000005054 00000 n 0 Works by artist Sharon Finn - pictured with her husband Neil Finn - will be on display at Sydney's Simmer on the Bay gallery. Available In store. Join Facebook to connect with Sharon Finn and others you may know. ''We never had to figure out what to do with it. We'd love to know of anymore and updates and connections to what we have listed, please click here to let us know.
As for her employers, they're happy to take Pajama Club as far as possible. endstream endobj 191 0 obj<>/Size 162/Type/XRef>>stream "Marriage for me has been a ball, and bringing up the kids has been the best time of my life. . But instead of succumbing to empty-nest syndrome, the couple put their privacy to good use. Sharon Finn started out making busts in her garage. Handmade by Sharon Finn. She found seven old chandeliers and adapted them for the show. trailer If Sharon has a difficulty, Neil is right there and they play with each other but when we're working stuff out they deal with each other in a really respectful way.''. 0000018856 00000 n 0000006541 00000 n Star-Times: And the shop [beneath the studio sits Sharon Finn's chandelier shop]? xref ''It's been an absolute burst of energy for us and now we're on equal terms and I love it,'' Neil says. ''Our enthusiasm and naivete was well matched and we found talents and attributes that we didn't know we had.

Pajama Club's sixth show was playing a Chicago festival curated by Wilco, while sold-out club shows in the US and Britain followed. 0000002030 00000 n Finn started out designing lighting for Split Enz and Crowded House concerts before turning it into her own creative outlet. Chrome 'Showgirl' chandelier with pale green crystals and vintage drops. 0000001366 00000 n She had, as her future husband Neil Finn remembers it, a beautiful Gibson SG guitar but the young New Zealand couple had little money to live on, despite Neil having joined his older brother Tim's band, Split Enz. Contact | Privacy | Terms of Service | Advertise | Google+ © Copyright NZEDGE 1998-2020, Register for Weekly Updates about Kiwis Rocking the World, Mathematician Vaughan Jones a Man Who Knew Knots, EDGE #407 – New Zealand Passport Takes Top Spot + 15 other stories, Ruby Princess and the Great Discontinuity, Neil Finn and Son Liam Get Dreamy on Lightsleeper, Finn to Release Third Studio Album The Nihilist. And it was when their sons, Liam and Elroy, grew up and left home, that life came full circle and they finally began making music together. What could have been a consolation is turning into a new life together for Sharon and Neil Finn. After an hour playing together in Auckland she had the gig. 0000018317 00000 n 0000004752 00000 n 0000004890 00000 n "Chandeliers got really accessible to everybody and they're really popular, and everybody wants something unique, so I thought I'd . A proposed EP became an album and a friend, New Zealand producer and multi-instrumentalist Sean Donnelly, added parts to the recordings and became the first recruit to the project, which they dubbed Pajama Club in honour of their nocturnally attired jam sessions. "Neil is not a shopper at all, so he doesn't come, but his work gives me a great opportunity to explore and see what I can find.". Pajama Club play the Prince of Wales next Thursday. `�`���������g���� �P��`� 5P��MA������q6�*�#�� � ��%� 0000000934 00000 n Neil's fans are meeting them halfway - ''only two drunken dudes screaming out for Weather With You so far,'' Skyring says - and the 29-year-old percussionist has even discovered an unexpected bonus in touring with the Finns. 0000002143 00000 n After their two sons Liam Finn and Elroy Finn left home and with some spare time, Sharon and Neil became members of the … "I've got into it by doing up some old chandeliers for a Finn Brothers show and it built from there really," she said. The two were in Melbourne in June when the group they'd formed, Pajama Club, announced itself with sold-out shows along Australia's east coast. The final part of taking Pajama Club on the road was finding a drummer with the right feel to round out the live band, with a preference for a woman to balance the proposed quartet's gender mix. 192 0 obj<>stream

''We made this noise instantly and we found out we were compatible, so it was also love at first sight as musicians. "I just happened to come across it," she says. 0000020129 00000 n ", Finn said her creative family, including musician sons Liam and Elroy, were an inspiration to her. Handmade Lady Frame called 'Body Clock' featuring vintage watches and glass pearls. Alana Skyring, Neil Finn, Sharon Finn and Sean Donnelly. Chandeliers became her trademark several years ago when she helped design a set for one of her husband's tours. Neither was overly familiar with their respective instrument, so neither had an advantage or easy habits to fall back on. Lady Frames. The gateway to New Zealand communities in the world. Ranging in price from between A$4000 (NZ$5000) and A$22,000, Finn's works can be found in the homes of American actress Kate Hudson, Jimmy Barnes, Jenny Morris and, not surprisingly, her own home. Journalists commonly refer to veteran musicians as behaving like an old married couple but Neil and Sharon Finn are a married couple who've only just started behaving like musicians. ''It turns out I party like a 50-year-old,'' she says. "And then the last (Crowded House) tour I didn't have anything to do with, because this has taken over really."

Individually handmade chandeliers, jewellery & ladyframes by Sharon Finn. Works by artist Sharon Finn - pictured with her husband Neil Finn - will be on display at Sydney's Simmer on the Bay gallery. %%EOF "I like chandeliers in the bathroom, so you can lie in the bath and look up," Finn laughed. Along the way the couple, who married in February 1982, have raised two children, often while travelling on tour together. Skyring's unexpected return to a musician's life could hardly have been more fruitful. 0000020579 00000 n ''We didn't really think about it too much,'' Neil says. Three decades later, it's proven a wise decision. Auckland artist Sharon Finn is illuminating Sydney’s Simmer on the Bay with her first exhibition, ‘The Gilded Cage’, a collection of bejewelled chandeliers and … ''That is how old we were when we met,'' Sharon says. "I've always been in the background, which is fine by me," Finn said. Sharon Finn has pursued art as a hobby and sometime career. "Actually we've got a really crappy one in the bathroom at the moment. "It's because of my girlfriends - they're just so amazing, and they've just encouraged me the whole way, and they've got the faith, and I think that's what you need to take risks." Neil Finn (third from left) in the cosmetically savvy heyday of Split Enz. Having forged her own career designing and selling crystal chandeliers and making mosaics, she had to ease herself into the idea of sharing the spotlight with her husband in an industry where the cliche of the grasping spouse is regularly invoked.

Later, she illuminated the runway at Auckland Fashion Week. But my naivete actually paid off because it meant the final product was a bit more unique.". "I knew nothing about lighting and I did all the wrong things. 0000012524 00000 n 162 31 "It's because of my girlfriends . do something different. With their surfaces covered in feminine bric-a-brac, the works are a celebration of domesticity. Auckland Sharon Finn is the wife of Neil Finn and has had a successful career running a company that designs chandeliers and decorative fittings. WHEN Neil Finn tours the world performing, his wife, Sharon, travels with him, raiding jewellery districts, antique stores and markets. "It's just so girly, and I'm such not a girl, living in a male-dominated house and a male-dominated world in a way," she said. The track…, Neil Finn’s “Kraut-inspired” Pajama Club recently performed a special set on Later With Jools Holland enlisting Ladyhawke on drums. Finn started out designing lighting for Split Enz and Crowded House concerts before turning it into her own creative outlet. 0000012793 00000 n Crowded House's faultless melodies are supplanted by shimmering sci-fi grooves (You Can't Put It Down Until It Ends), hushed invocations (Golden Child) and discombobulated R&B (Daylight). HIGH LIGHTS: Artist Sharon Finn, wife of musician Neil Finn, is exhibiting 36 of her mostly 'girly works' in Sydney. - AAP, Pukekohe Paranormal: Terrified workers call in ghost-busters to cleanse 'haunted' house, 'Wide ass patty': Wellington festival logo raises eyebrows, Whangārei Fringe Festival: a fantastical journey to tomorrow's social norms, How this age-old practice can help you cope in a pandemic, Air NZ Dreamliner captain and union boss: The weird world of flying through a pandemic, Election 2020: Labour down and NZ First up in final poll, 'You let Zach down': Defence Force fined $288,000 over diver's death. "I like chandeliers in the bathroom, so you can lie in the bath and look up," she laughed. Launching a group here was a familiar experience for them, as Crowded House had begun in Melbourne in 1985 and they'd lived here for a good part of that decade; Liam Finn was born in Melbourne, on grand final day in 1983, and the obstetrician was late attending because he had a ticket for the clash between Hawthorn and Essendon.

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