whole lotta love meaning

The song has a definite double meaning, it talks about "LOVE" however there is the war connotation. He's saying he really wants to kick ass. Maybe you're on the beach naked fucking someone you just met. Like donkey dick or horse cock Led Zep together makes sound a sound the IS the sound of the best fuck of you'd life.

Replace every instance of the word "love" with "dick.'

Song meanings ©2003-2020 lyricinterpretations.com. adunit_id: 100001411, /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ The song came out in 1969 as the first song on the album Led Zeppelin II, and it’s partly based on ‘You need love’, written by Willie Dixon and recorded by Muddy … All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. Fifty years later we both agree it was the best ever -- it was truly a whole lotta love, but only about six inches and six orgasms apiece, absolutely amazing … var opts = { i mean he is trying t have sex with someone that has been hurt before thats the wierd noises from like an hauted house full of bad memories that can be erased or at least overcome with a new renewing experience he knows that and insists for her to give love one more chance, Well I will not go into detail bc dont want to get people any more worked up than they aleady are but come on its so obvious its ridiculous. Maybe you're fifteen and lifting up your plaid uniform skirt while a big rude man is bracing you against a brick wall. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only.

In a time that many of ''The Femenists'' didn't and still don't want to hear that noise about ''ecstasy moaning''.

A kick ass song by the Gods of Rock Led Zeppelin released on Led Zeppelin II in October 1969! })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This song fucks you with its sound, not just the lyrics and Robert Plant's sexxxy voice. Sexiest riff ever, best heard on either live (Earls Court especially...) or on record/CD just a fucking awesome song Jimmy Pages riff is one of the best and recognizable riffs ever!

I ripped the rubber off, and turned her over -- she asked didn't I wanna make it to the bed and I said no, I wanted a whole lotta love, and right now. This song is so relevant even today to some that feels i'am still the greatest like you see in our proud politicians these days that got loosend up by a charged up sexual ''POLITICAL GLAMOUR'' used to get their rocks off and to remind us that we are still sexually potent to get back to rock and roll for a ''Whole Lotta Love''. Slander intended. Years later, Zeppelin settled out of court for this and a couple of other songs copied from Dixon.

Where The Woman is being screWed and loved by The Man with a ''Whole Lotta Love''. I eventually got her knees up to her ears and we went for about a half hour -- slow and deep, then shallow and fast, back and forth. I can be somewhere that hasnt got anything to do with sex and this song can start and im rubbing myself against something before the end of the 1st chorus. document.write('

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Its obviously about making love, but musically, its Jimmys' intrepretation of an acid trip,(and he absolutely nails it too! Great song, love it!!! For to experience sex and love between a male and a female. The bass line is like the rhythm of the couple moving together, the drums are the balls and tits bouncing up and down, the guitar of Jimmy Page is thrusting and moving inside like a huge magnificent electric penis.

His voice is a whole lotta love:), lets ask willie dixon what it means. WOW, what a popular song by LED ZEPPELIN during the SEXUAL REVOLUTION of the 60's and 70's that turned the ''liberal conservitive'' teenage movement to a ''whole lotta love''.

This was used and interpreted in two ways by weighting and measureing both sides of the brain, but giving the little brain a big ego that needs to have power to measure and weight itself against the BIG BRAIN that the little one needs to feel big enough to think about using every inch of his brain to ''DIG IT'' in and out of the ''whole lotta love'' he found. The couple gets together over and over again ... thus a whole lotta love.

Dixon also wrote (in the early 1950s) "I Just Want To Make Love to You", covered by Foghat and "Aint Superstitous" coverd by the Jeff Beck Group. The song is about a love relationship and having sex. ).Zeps answer to the Beatles' Revolution #9,off the White album. artist: "Led Zeppelin", There's the meaning. song: "Whole Lotta Love", It's about when I was doin a fifteen year old after being in the back door and neither of us got off. It's too blatant to not be intentional.

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She could feel me bumping her cervix and when I came and we both hoped she'd got pregnant. The only thing you could even question is what is the whole lotta love then it makes since bc your ganna need this for the hmmm....love.

Fifty years later we both agree it was the best ever -- it was truly a whole lotta love, but only about six inches and six orgasms apiece, absolutely amazing and the song always replays that event in our minds. }; It's about how you interrupt it but it's definitely about sex and a whole lotta sex and love.

Whole Lotta Love is a very famous song by Led Zeppelin, the band that over the Seventies became the rock band par excellence, and the sales of whose records come nowadays calculated in more than three hundred million copies.

It is like a defiant chant of let's get together in war. Great song for US marines! its obvioulsy about sex but not just that You want it and he can give you A Whole Lot of Love, way down inside. I reckon Muddy Waters know more about this song. Maybe you are fucking the love of your life for the very first time and he is a dirty nasty sexual athlete who can go for hours. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) Hey this mighty Zeppelin song could also be about preparing and empowering the young man's sexuality. Actually, though he is uncredited, the song is based on a Willie Dixon song. I mean he did write 90% of it.

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