green goblin weapons

After the he detonated the Daily Bugle building, Osborn was impaled by the debris from the explosion. He was voiced by Neil Ross. High Evolutionary | The Carnage symbiote was able to protect him from that devastating blow (ultimately leading to the creation of the Red Goblin). Onslaught |
Colonel Ross Whittaker | Vulture | Deadpool | Tinkerer |

Scheming.Tormenting Spider-Man and his loved ones.Wreaking destruction and chaos.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Slayers (Alistair Smythe) | Lizard | Rhino | Vermin | Scorpion | Felicia Hardy | Iguana | Nattie HYDRA | This put him at odds with Vulture. Green Goblin appears in the original Spider-Man trilogy by Sam Raimi as the main antagonist of Spider-Man and a posthumous antagonist in the sequels. Sentinels | Godzilla | As the Goblin, he adopted a Halloween -themed appearance: dressing in a goblin costume, riding on a bat-shaped "Goblin Glider", and using an arsenal of high-tech weapons, such as grenade-like "Pumpkin Bombs", to terrorize New York City. The Green Goblin has some of the best gadgets in any Marvel villain's inventory, let alone any Spidey villain's. Mister Payback | Kree |

Umar | She then warns him that he will want her advice when the "two-headed monster returns from the netherworld.".

Titanium Man | Spider-Man would find himself fighting another Green Goblin in an alternate universe where Spider-Carnage took over. Unicorn | Spider-Man | [17], A Goblin that was presumably Hamilton appears as a member of the second incarnation of the Legion of the Unliving created by the Grandmaster. Green Goblin then saw what he assumed was Mary Jane walking around New York City.

Air-Walker | Egghead | Thunderbolts | But Hobgoblin arrives to take the device for himself and flees. | Molten Man | Mister Negative | Mysterio | Nightmare | Norma Osborn | Phalanx | Sabretooth | Toad | Ulik | Wendigo | Whirlwind | Wrecker | Piledriver | Thunderball | Ymir | Zodiac | Scorpio | Zzzax | J. Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man (2017) White Rabbit |

Bullseye | The party goers assumed Peter took Norman to the hospital but don't know why he wouldn't call. Frost Giants |

Absorbing Man | Ghost |

Spider-Man tries to stop save the two but Green Goblin uses the device to cut his webbing and grab him.
Shocker | M.O.D.O.K. Hydro-Man |

However, this Goblin was not a villain but a hero who believed Spider-Man was a villain. Beyonder | Doctor Doom | Thanos |

Mister Fear | The seal around it is also able to be grabbed bag style by the Goblin. Madame Viper | Chitauri | Lizard |

Mechanical Bats (aka Goblin Boomerang aka Razor Bats) One of the Green Goblin's oldest and longest used weapons, the weaponized bat has been shown to do a lot of very bad things. Realizing the device is low on power Hobgoblin goes to his Kingpin informant to get another power supply.

The pilot is attached to the glider via electromagneticclasps on the wings of the glider. The Rose | Menace |

Graviton | Ringer | In this case, he goes as far as to make his own special brand of toothpaste just for that Peter Parker kid. Wizard | One of Green Goblin's most iconic weapons in his arsenal is his patented (Unless Batman has anything to say about it) razor bats. Mandarin | Attuma | Princess Python |

This flying glider is not only able to fly for long distances at unimaginable heights but it can also store various weapons, has great durability, can hold great weights, and of course, is able to be used as a weapon in itself as well. Dreadknight | Kingpin is demanding Norman's help. Green Goblin tries to use the time dilation device but it too is not working. This results in a loss of oxygen for whoever is caught. The Avengers: Loki Laufeyson | Chitauri (The Other & Leviathans) | HYDRA (Gideon Malick & Jasper Sitwell) | Georgi Luchkov | Thanos

Chance | Seth Youngblood |

Norman Osborn | Exodus | [8] Ditko has maintained that it was his idea, even claiming that he had decided on it before the first Green Goblin story was finished, and that a character he drew in the background of a single panel of Amazing Spider-Man #23 was meant to be Norman Osborn (who is not introduced until issue #37). Black Knight | The first issue without Ditko saw the Green Goblin unmasked. Silver Sable |

Ultron | An offshoot of the Scriers cult founded by Norman, consisting of only his most loyal followers.

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