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Shelley warns us not to lift the veil because there’s nothing behind it. Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Plot Summary of “The Painted Veil” by W. Somerset Maugham.

Set in England and Hong Kong in the 1920s, it is the story of the beautiful but shallow young Kitty Fane. Although they’re married, these are two people who should never really have even met. However, she matures throughout The Painted Veil, learning from every one of her mistakes to become a stronger and wiser person. Call life”. Discover the Cult German Film, Christiane F. Unpacking Disney's Version of Romantic Love, Hollywood: Re-Imagining Well-Known History, The importance of appearances in The Painted Veil, The Painted Veil: adversity and self-discovery, American Beauty - Appearances Can Be Deceiving, 5 Films That Will Leave You Thinking for Days, The Fast and the Furious - Seven Life Lessons, The Theory of Weak Central Coherence and its Link to Autism, 3 Differences Between Male and Female Sexual Desire. The biographer Richard Cordell notes that the book was influenced by Maugham's study of science and his work as a houseman at St Thomas' Hospital. Walter is completely in awe of Kitty (Naomi Watts). He says that Walter died a martyr to science, infected by experiments he conducted on himself. Your body feels heavy, your muscles hurt, you feel…. When her husband discovers her adulterous affair, he forces her to accompany him to a remote region of China ravaged by a cholera epidemic.

She decides to dedicate her life to her father and ensuring that her child is brought up avoiding the mistakes she had made.[3]. Unbeknownst to Kitty, Townsend has no intention of formalizing his relationship with her. Kitty falls pregnant and, not knowing who the father is, she confides in Walter. Kitty has undergone a profound personal transformation.

No one could ever claim that she was perfect. Walter is dying. The mistakes she makes along the way make Kitty’s journey of self-improvement all the more believable. What happens to our hobbies and interests? It’s taken from a sonnet by English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822), husband of famous writer Mary Shelley (the author of Frankenstein). Not long after, the Mother Superior explains to Kitty that she must return home to England; there is nothing left for her here. Dorothy Townsend describes herself as "second-rate" for being so aloof towards Kitty when they first met; this parallels Kitty's conversation with Waddington, when he observed that Dorothy thinks the women who fall in love with her husband are generally second-rate. Edward Norton and Naomi Watts both produced and starred in this cinematic adaptation of Maugham’s novel. Walter's last words are "The dog it was that died.". ... His character is held in high esteem by the nuns and the local officials because of his self-sacrifice and tenderness towards the suffering populace. When no acceptable suitor was forthcoming, she deigned to marry Water Fane, an introverted scientist. Kitty enjoys a great sense of freedom. By age 25, Kitty has flirted with and declined marriage proposals from dozens of prospective husbands.

Walter eventually confronts Kitty about the affair and gives her a choice; either accompany him to a village on the mainland beset by an outbreak of cholera, or submit to a public and socially humiliating divorce. Just weeks after settling in the Far East, Kitty meets Charlie Townsend, the Assistant Colonial Secretary.

Kitty's regard for her deepens and grows. It's interesting to know…, By default, we tend to process the objects around us in a global way. Aware that the cuckolded Walter is his administrative inferior, Charlie feels confident that the bacteriologist will avoid scandal to protect his career and reputation. Richard A. Her failure to appreciate her husband quickly backfires. A loud knocking awakens kitty. What is the irony in the description of Mei Tan Fu? Waddington and the Chinese soldiers take Kitty through the night city to see Walter. First published in 1925, The Painted Veil is an affirmation of the human capacity to grow, change, and forgive. Read the Study Guide for The Painted Veil…, Kitty's Problematic Characterization: Gender, Sexuality, and History in The Painted Veil, View Wikipedia Entries for The Painted Veil…. Now, for the first time, she’s faced with real suffering, and everything her husband does finally takes on true meaning. Kitty, however, remains unable to feel attraction towards him as a man and husband. What two attributes does Mrs. Garstin display in the way she arranges her dinner parties? They make us cry out of happiness or sadness,…, What happens when love suddenly appears in our lives? Walter Fane (Edward Norton) is a young doctor who’s in London on leave from his work as a bacteriologist in a civil laboratory in Shanghai. A British medical doctor fights a cholera epidemic in a small Chinese village, while being trapped at home in a loveless marriage to an unfaithful wife. Kitty enjoys her journey through southern China, and peacefully observes all the sights and people. Waddington says he will make all the funeral arrangements. This section also contains numerous examples of imagery, describing the people and scenes of southern China. Kitty bids goodbye to the convent and the nuns. Walter's body is buried in a field after a little funeral service conducted by Waddington. Walter, meanwhile, comes to the village with the best of intentions but his methods are viewed as unacceptable when he disrespects the religious beliefs of the natives. But what characterizes sexual desire?…, Why am I so tired when I'm anxious? When Walter discovers her infidelity, he decides to take revenge. Walter has immersed himself in the difficulties of managing the cholera crisis. When Kitty looks outside of her marriage for excitement and adventure, all she finds is vulgarity and deception. She dreads arriving in Hong Kong and confronting Charles Townsend, but eventually considers the matter with indifference. Due to Kitty's pregnancy, the nuns make arrangements to send her home to England. The content in this publication is presented for informative purposes only. Maugham’s novel begins with the quote that inspired its title. What initially seems like an act of revenge quickly begins to shape the growth and development of the two main characters. He also means that each person shapes their own life (the veil) according to their own beliefs (their idle colors). It was published in…, American Beauty, directed by Sam Mendes in 1999, is an American film that satirically critiques the society of the time.…, Movies are able to make us feel a lot of emotions. The Painted Veil is a story of personal growth and forgiveness. Soon after, Walter falls ill in the epidemic, possibly through experimenting upon himself to find a cure for cholera, and Kitty, at his deathbed, hears his last words. Articles and opinions on happiness, fear and other aspects of human psychology. Heartbroken and disillusioned, Kitty decides she has no option but to accompany Walter to the cholera-infested mainland of China.

For her part, Kitty, who has never felt real affection for her husband, grasps that, in fact, he is fully aware of her infidelity (though he initially refrains from confronting her) and she begins to despise his apparent cowardice. Kitty asks Waddington if "the dog it was that died" is a quotation, and he replies that he does not know. He is extremely weak with cholera, and Waddington mentions that he may have contracted the disease during the course of his experiments. Disgusted with this marriage, Kitty has an affair with the handsome Charles Townsend. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Almost two years later, Walter, unsuspecting, and still devoted to his wife, observes Kitty and Charlie during an assignation, and the lovers, suspecting they've been discovered, reassure themselves that Walter will not intervene in the matter. Deeply sorry that he judged his wife so harshly, he assures her that the child will be theirs regardless, with no further questions or remarks.

It’s only when we lift the veil that we realize that this game often ends in painful disappointment. Coraline…, The Fast and the Furious movie saga is one of the best examples of action movies, no doubt. Why? Kitty is deeply aggrieved - she loves her work at the convent, and she does not want to leave, but she knows resistance is futile. GradeSaver, 18 February 2016 Web. [2] Later editions reverted to Hong Kong but the name Fane was kept for all editions. It's all there, fear, desperation, revenge, petty spite but love and forgiveness too. Though she would gladly bring him back to life if she could, his death has made her life a little easier. To avoid similar problems after A. G. M. Fletcher, the then Assistant Colonial Secretary in Hong Kong, also threatened legal action, the name of the colony was changed to Tching-Yen. The Painted Veil study guide contains a biography of W. Somerset Maugham, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. With these new feelings of intimacy, comes a renewed sense of passion, leading the two to make love for what’s probably the first time in their marriage. At the beginning of the movie, Kitty Garstin rejects several suitors, as she believes that someone better is sure to come along. With time against her, she has to work hard to overcome adversity. Her time in Mei-tan-fu seems like nothing but a dream.

Nichipor, Alexandra. In many different cultures, a veil is a symbol of the separation between life and death. Mei-tan-fu is depicted as a place of death and dying. © 2020 Exploring your mind | Blog about psychology and philosophy. The Painted Veil is a 1925 novel by British author W. Somerset Maugham.

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