rome, open city analysis

Production Company: Excelsa Film. [Country: Italy. In Nazi-occupied Rome, the Gestapo is hunting the ringleaders of the local Resistance movement, Manfredi and Francesco. In the final scene, Don Pietro is executed as a band of child partisans (including Pina’s son, Marcello) look on, ready to continue the struggle. He goes to the home of Francesco, another Resistance fighter. In gratitude, Rossellini gave Geiger a co-producer credit. Cinematographer: Ubaldo Arata. Don Pietro is scheduled to officiate at Pina's and Francesco's wedding the next day. [18], Dmytrk, Edward. They conduct a huge raid, pulling out all the people and arresting dozens of men. Giorgio's refusal to yield shakes the confidence of the Germans, including the commander, who had boasted to the priest and the collaborating woman that they were the "master race", and no one from a "slave race" could withstand their torture. As a record of fact, it tells a compelling and valuable story, whose significance for national culture and subsequent filmmaking should not be underplayed. Francesco is captured and driven away, and Pina killed by German troops in the ensuing chaos, only for partisans to liberate Francesco once again. Francesco and Pina share an intimate moment in the tenement stairwell, reminiscing about the past and expressing hopes and fears for the future. Director: Roberto Rossellini. In order to authentically portray the hardships and poverty of Roman people under the occupation, Rossellini hired mostly non-professional actors for the film, with a few exceptions of established stars including Fabrizi and Anna Magnani. Eventually, Don Pietro and Manfredi are betrayed, arrested and questioned by Bergmann. The critiques of Rome, Open City outlined above are almost as old as the film, and have been articulated most eloquently by Rossellini himself in his continued experiments with realism and representation, first in the great tetralogy with Ingrid Bergman (who was famously inspired to contact Rossellini after seeing Roma, città aperta), and later in the historical enquiries made for television.

Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? Pina (played by Anna Magnani) is a widowed pregnant working-class mother of two children; her fiancé, Francesco (Francesco Grandjacquet), works for a communist newspaper and aids the resistance; Marina (Maria Michi) is a nightclub singer whose desire for love and normality leads to collaboration with the enemy; Marina’s former boyfriend, Giorgio Manfredi, who is also known as Luigi Ferraris (Marcello Pagliero), is a resistance leader hunted by the Nazis; and Don Pietro Pellegrini (Aldo Fabrizi) is a lovable priest who musters unexpected bravery and courage to aid the resistance. The priest, who was in the building to hide weapons, under the guise of praying for a dying man, holds her in his arms and prays for her soul. The Gestapo try to get Giorgio to betray his comrades, but it is in vain. The outstanding performance is that of Aldo Fabrizi as the priest, who embraces with dignity and humanity a most demanding part.

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