beauty and the beast story for kids

(04 Dec 1987). “I am old. “But do not be gone for more than one week.

All at once, the rich father became as poor as poor could be. "I would rather die myself," said the monster, "than give you the least uneasiness. I thought I had only a friendship for you, but the grief I now feel convinces me that I cannot live without you.". “But I do not know if your sisters are happy.”  For the eldest sister had married a handsome man who thought of no one but himself. However Madame Beaumont is credited with the plot line of the story we accept today. Beyond the glitz of the ball, Cinderella and the Prince find love and dreams come true. Can her long hair or love save her? The Classic Tale based off the Grimm's Brother Fairytale "The Frog Prince". The tenth night she spent at her father's, she dreamed of the Beast in the palace garden, suffering, maybe even dying, for loneliness for her. Having said this, Beauty rose, put her ring on the mirror, and then laid down again; scarce was she in bed before she fell asleep, and when she waked the next morning, she was overjoyed to find herself in the Beast's palace. The second had married a man of wit, but he only made use of it to plague and torment everybody, and his wife most of all. He must stay a beast forever, until a maiden grew to love him when he still looked like a Beast. A moment later, heavy dark rains fell down hard from the sky. "My lord," said he, "I beseech you to forgive me, indeed I had no intention to offend in gathering a rose for one of my daughters, who desired me to bring her one. ", Then he looked at Beauty who said, in a trembling voice, "Yes, sir.". Yet he looked so sick, it was as if he may die! All Rights Reserved. With that he led the merchant down to his horse and said to him, "Honest man, go your ways tomorrow morning, but never think of coming here again." “This is your daughter?” said the Beast, looking at Beauty. A Bedtime Story of Friendship, Courage and Acceptance. The fine house, its fine tables and chairs, and all of their fine things, had to be sold. "Take this magic looking-glass with you, and this ring. “Girls!” said the father. "Thank you, good Madam Fairy," said he aloud, "for being so careful as to provide me a breakfast. ", (1) the story as told by Madam Prince de Beaumont in 1756 (, (2) the story as told by Joseph Jacobs in 1916 (, The "animal bridegroom" motif is well known to folklorists, however the specific tale of "Beauty and the Beast" as we know it evolved from the literary imagination of two Frenchwomen. When you are ready to come back, turn the ring on your finger three times. The merchant tied him up to the manger and walked towards the house, where he saw no one. All rights reserved.

When the father got home, Beauty could tell something was wrong. In a moment she was sitting next to the poor, sick Beast, who could only gasp for air.

The days were long and there was no one for Beauty to talk to. Beauty's sisters sickened with envy, when they saw her dressed like a princess, and more beautiful than ever, nor could all her obliging affectionate behavior stifle their jealousy, which was ready to burst when she told them how happy she was. A Story of Friendship, Love and Courage. “I am sorry that I am late!” said Beauty. She had music to play, and many fine dresses to wear. “Beast, I have come to like it better here," she said. Immediately the poor monster sighed, and then hissed so frightfully that the whole palace echoed. When he got up close, he saw that it was a large palace with candles in all its windows. The story of "Beauty and the Beast" is often mistakenly credited to Charles Perrault, who published a popular collection of fairytales (. Princess Aurora has been cursed by Maleficent. Taking his rose, he mounted his horse and rode home. I am old and have not long to live, so can will lose only a few years, at the most.". Can the frog in the well help her? “This all happened because I asked you to bring home a rose for me!” said Beauty. Then one time at dinner the Beast made a little joke, and she smiled. But when he came there, oh such problems there were over who properly owned the ship and the merchandise on board, and after a great deal of trouble and pains to no purpose, he came back as poor as before, especially after he bought the fine new necklace and gold chain he promised to his two older daughters. Search for "A Children's Story" on, Title: He waited. “Take me back to the Beast!” she said. But Beauty would not change her mind.

The copyright for this version is held by Elaine L. Lindy ©2006. Is it his fault if he is so ugly? When the Princess is forced to marry, she wishes to be little again. Beast opened his eyes, and said to Beauty, "You forgot your promise, and I was so afflicted for having lost you that I resolved to starve myself, but since I have the happiness of seeing you once more, I die satisfied. This is the classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast Story, originally written by Charles Perrault. And when they arose from the table it arose too and disappeared through the door as if it were being carried by invisible servants. Classic Cinderella tale, retold for today's girls. And with that he made a sort of bow and went away.

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